Noah's first paddle

Summer was all about sunshine, paddling pools and lolly ices when I was a child. I have many fond memories sat outside in the sun in a tiny paddling pool, splashing about with my brother and sister. The minute it was relatively warm outside we were digging out our swimming costumes and itching to get in water! It was a great way to have fun and cool down too!  

I couldn't wait for Noah to have his first paddling pool experience so as soon as we started getting a bit of nice weather I went out and bought him a little paddling pool of his own. I literally could not wait to let him take his very first dip!

Yesterday was the day, it wasn't too hot or to cold. We pumped up the paddling pool and filled it up with luke warm water. The minute we sat Noah in the pool he sat there in pure awe and beamed from ear to ear. It was like he realised the pool was different from the bath, that he was outside and he found it very funny. He sat there getting very excited whilst he splashed and kicked at the water, drenching both Nick and I in the process! He would fold over on his belly and trying to drink the water too, which we found hilarious! We also led him on his back in the pool and he laid there staring at the sky with a cute little smirk on his face.

When I sit back and watch Noah experience, enjoy and learn these new things I can't help but think "This is what life is all about."  With that thought I can't help but smile.


  1. Oh this is just such a lovely post; he looks like he's having a whale of a time! And you're right, it really is what life is all about :) xx

  2. Perfect post and a perfect moment! Noah is going to have an incredible Summer! x