Our home: Where we are now

It feels like such a long time ago when we were handed they keys to our first family home and I would of thought by now we would be in there but we aren't. We are currently living with Nick's parents and have been for about 5 weeks now. It's great that they have welcomed us into their home whilst the work is being done but I do miss our own space and having the occasional PJ day!

Our house is getting there slowly but at the minute the work has been put on hold. Our chief builder/handy man/kitchen fitter/bathroom fitter/plumber/electrician/step dad is currently on holiday so there's not much that we can do. That being said we have been doing the odd jobs here and there. 

Last week we started grouting the bathroom which was fun! We did as much grouting as we could but as there are tiles that still need to go up. We've painted the ceiling too and the bath and shower have been installed. The toilet, sink and radiator are waiting to go in but all the plumbing has been completed. I feel the bathroom is really coming along now and is completely transformed. We decided to tile the entire room which is more expensive but I just love the look of a fully tiled bathroom, it reminds me of a spa! 

The bedroom is almost finished. It's fully decorated and all the woodwork has been sanded, painted and glossed. All that's left to do in the bedroom is to pick a carpet! We are holding off on fitting a carpet until most of the work has been done as the house is still very dusty. 

The kitchen is still how it was 2 months ago. The units, worksurface, sink, taps, oven, extractor are all in. As well as the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge freezer. It just needs the odd few jobs; plinths, painting, tiling, ceiling, lights. Then the big job! We decided we want wood effect tiles in the kitchen as not only will they be hard wearing but they match the wood work surface perfectly too. But the floor is very uneven in the kitchen so before that can be done the floor needs to be leveled and it can be quite pricey! I think it will be worth it though. I can't wait to see the kitchen finished. 

Every other room is pretty much the same as it was the last time I updated. The living room is finished. Hallways stripped back. Dining room half lined but lots of plastering needs to be done. Noah's room is bare and needs a lot of work too!  

I still find it hard to imagine us in the house. I know we have bought it and have been working on it for the past couple of months but it still doesn't seem real to me. It doesn't feel like "our house" but I think we will need to live and create memories in it before it does. 


  1. I love our house but seeing your home coming together gradually gives me huge house envy. You are doing amazingly! x

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