Good night, sweet Rossi

On Thursday afternoon we lost a member of our family, a best friend, and an annoying little brother; our dog Rossi. It hasn't sunk in yet and my mother in law's house doesn't feel the same anymore because someone dear is missing.

Rossi was my mother in law's dog and a big part of our family. Noah absolutely adored him. If you asked im where Rossi was he would look for him, he would chase him about in his walker and would get excited and laugh when he barked. It was endearing to watch my son bonding with him and it's so sad that he won't have that connection anymore.

We were all following our daily routines, it was an ordinary day (we are still living with the inlaws whilst our house is being renovated) and Jackie was just about to take Rossi out on his daily walk whilst I stayed in feeding Noah his lunch. Rossi gobbled up some food from beneath Noah's high chair before he bounded out into the garden for his walk. I wished Jackie "good luck" as they were leaving because it had been raining earlier but seemed okay for the moment. Little did I know that that was the last time we were going to see him.

Their daily walk is directly behind the house on quiet and rural paths. They were just about to head back home when the accident occurred. A car began driving down the road but stopped as they had spotted the dog. Rossi seemed to off run past the car so she continued to drive but he appeared out of nowhere and ran right in front the back wheel. There was nothing anyone could of done and no one was to blame. My poor mother in law had to witness her beloved Rossi be run down right in front of her very eyes. She rang the vet to bring an ambulance and she waited for thirty minutes with him before it arrived. He was then taken to the vets for xrays and pain relief. Then we waited.

I honestly thought he would be okay. That poor poor dog has been through so much in the 9 years of his life and always seemed to pull through. He was a pedigree Cavalier King Charles and was a wedding present for Jackie from her partner Gary. Rossi was born with so many different conditions due to bad and irresponsible breeding. The main being a condition called Syringomyelia which is simply horrendous. He needed numerous operations through out his life and needed lots of medication on a daily basis. For dog's with health conditions, it's a must to have a good vet to take them to for checkups, and even better if you have insurance for them. Whatever obstacle seemed to get in his way he seemed to always overcome it. But not this time.

The vet asked for Jackie and Gary to come to the vets to see him and to decide what they were going to do. Jackie's sons (my partner Nick and his brother Jamie) also went with them for support. As they walked in to see him he wagged his tail.... but there was nothing they could do. His injuries were so bad that there was no other option. He was put to sleep surrounded by his favourite people. Not his owners, his family.

Later that night I asked Noah "Where's Rossi?" by mistake and out of habit. I began to cry while was looking around the room for him. When he looked at me with his big blue eyes I started to cry more. I know he doesn't understand what has happened but there was a lot of crying in the house that day and I am sure he felt the sadness.

After all that Rossi went through in his life he deserved to die old and grey, asleep in the comfort of his own home. Not like this. It's heartbreaking that he isn't with us and although it pains me greatly I can't comprehend what Jackie is going through. Rossi was more than just a dog to the whole family but to her he was even more than that was her soul mate.


  1. Aww I've got tears in my eyes what a sad, sad story. Big hugs to you all. I don't know what I'd do when anything happens to my dog :( xxx

  2. Aww! That is so very sad....Hugs to you all. x

  3. So sorry to here this Jenna, family pets are members of the family and I know the pain that you're all going through. Thinking of you all xx