Review: Gumi Gem Bubba Bag

Although Noah has no teeth at the moment he has been teething on and off for months. On a whole he is teething well and we don't really get any complaints from him. But as no teeth or cutting through I can't really judge it, maybe we will have trouble once he gets to that stage. He is always drooling and gnawing on something or other so when I was asked to review something from the Gumi Gem website it couldn't of come at a better time.

After having a browse on the website I decided to pick the Bubba Bag. The Bubba Bag from Gumi Gem is a little purple bag made out of soft neoprene. It contains toy keys, purse, mobile phone and credit card. They are not just toys though they are made from a bendy, soft, non toxic, washable silicone which are ideal for babies gums. Each toy is designed differently for different areas of your babies gums and all stages of teething.

The car keys are perfect for reaching those pesky molars. The little purse has raised dots to soothe and massage sore gums. The mobile phone is super cute and ideal for your babies imagination as well as their gums. And the credit card has raised numbers which babies not only love to bite but touch and feel too. Not forgetting the bag itself as it is a great toy on it's own as babies and toddlers will love to put things in and take them out.

I couldn't wait for the Bubba Bag to be delivered as I knew that Noah would love it and I wasn't wrong. As soon as he set eye's on it he reached and took it from me with a cheeky smile on his face. As soon as he had his mitts on the bag his hands dived right in and he began pulling out all the toys to have a good look at them. Each toy went into his mouth one after an other and he sat there for a good five minutes having a right good chew! The car keys are his firm favourite. He likes to wave them about in the air and zoom around in his walker with them in his hand, well that's when they aren't in his mouth. I can see Noah having countless hours of fun with the Bubba Bag and will get a lot of relief from it too when his teeth do decide to make an appearance. 

We were already fans of Gumi Gem and their range of teething jewellery but now even more so with their new range of teething toys. I cannot tell you how much of a fantastic idea the Bubba Bag is! All babies and toddlers love to riffle through their Mothers handbags and changing bags, pulling out, playing with and chewing things you would much rather they didn't. So to come up with a bag of toys that isn't just fun but to relieve symptoms of teething too, well that's simply genius. 

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own.

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  1. This is such a cute set! I love GumiGem and I love how unisex this is. Noah is just so cute! x