Our home: Kitchen update

Well well well. I didn't think that 3 months down the line we would still be in this predicament as we are still living with the inlaws whilst the house is being renovated. It's been a long time coming but we are slowly getting there and we are aiming to move in this weekend. 

The house is a long way off completion but the house should be "livable". We have had to make sure the big and dirty jobs are out the way before we do move in. We would of moved in already if it was just Nick and I but we simply refused to bring a baby into such a dusty and somewhat dangerous environment. It still doesn't feel like we've bought a house, that that house is our home but I am sure we will feel differently once we are in there.

It's been a while since I last updated you on our kitchen progress. In fact it's been almost three months since I wrote the The kitchen so far post. As soon as we got the keys to the house back in May we dashed in and threw ourselves straight into working on the kitchen. For the past few months bits and pieces have been done on the kitchen but it took a back seat as we started on every other room in the house too! There was literally so much to do so everyone just got stuck in here, there and everywhere. 

Now that the kitchen is almost complete I cannot keep in my appreciation for it. I'm so happy that the kitchen I envisioned and dreamed off is appearing before my very eyes. It's practical yet gorgeous too. I can't wait to be pottering about in the kitchen, cooking for my two boys!

What do you think of our kitchen so far? Is it to your taste?


  1. I love your kitchen! I am also currently living with my inlaws whilst we renovate our new home and the kitchen is the space I'm most excited about :D hope the move does as planned at the weekend xx

  2. Oh wow that looks like its been one hell of a task!!! I think I would have given up and had a nervous breakdown at the mid way point!!!

    It has paid off so well though! It looks AMAZING now!!!! Unrecognisable! xx

  3. I have kitchen envy as I still just have a stove and some office furniture!

  4. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing!! It's unbelievable how much it has changed. Great work! I would love a kitchen like this one.
    Elodie xx


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