A sulky sort of day

Difficult days, we all have them as parents. Days where our little angels wake up in the morning transformed into little demons. They are grumpy, sullen and moody and you would love to pass them to a relative for an hour so you can have a cuppa and a breather. If you are a Mummy and you say you don't have these kind of days then I call you out - that's a fib! 

Today we had one of those days. From the moment Noah woke up he was just a handful and nothing seemed to please him. It was really out of character for him as he is usually so easy going and cheerful. Despite him being well fed and well rested, he still wasn't happy. I sang to him, read to him, played with him, put him in his jumperoo, put him in his walker, watched TV with him and he still wasn't impressed. I then decided to take him for a nice long walk in the hope that the fresh air would make him feel a little better. 

Like all babies he usually loves going for a stroll but today he wasn't enjoying that either. We went on our usual relaxing and scenic walk on the back fields. We first stopped to look at the cows and I picked some grass to feed them which he didn't like because the pram stopped moving. We stayed there a while and then carried on on our walk. I then stopped to pick some blackberries for Noah as he absolutely loves them and he whinged then too. Every time the pram stopped moving he kicked off, my poor baby wasn't happy. We walked for an hour and I had hoped he would settle and fall asleep but instead he led there with a scowl on his face.

When we got in from our walk I gave him his bottle and he went down for his afternoon nap. Thankfully when he woke an hour later he was feeling a lot better and I was even lucky enough to get some giggles and a smile or two! 

Noah hasn't cut his first tooth yet and I have a feeling this could be the reason he was feeling off today. It wouldn't surprise me if we had our first tooth soon!

Do you have any tips and tricks for days like these? 


  1. Oh look at his little sulky face! Bless him! My tip for days like this? AN early bedtime and then a glass of wine - or a bottle! No-one will judge! xx

  2. Oh bless him! That's the first time I've seen him with a sad face on lol, he always looks so happy in your photos. These days do happen but they soon pass :) x

  3. The first picture sums it up so perfectly!! We have these exact days, I usually go for a long walk and if that hasn't helped grab a coffee on the way home :-) Hope that tooth pops through soon & doesn't give him too much grief xxx