Letters to Noah

I wrote this a few weeks back but have only just got around to typing up and posting! Better late that never I like to believe..

Hi Noah,

Mummy here. I am writing this late at night whilst you sleep curled up next to me in bed. You have turned 9 months old today and I literally do not understand where the time has gone. To think that you have now been with us just as long as you were in my womb is astonishing.

I know it's a cliche when people say this but being a Mummy is the best feeling in the world. It's a time old cliche but a true one at that. There is nothing more endearing and heartwarming that spending every minute of every day with you.

You have been such a character from day one but month by month that character just grows and grows. You are a very happy and cheeky baby and usually always have a smile on your little face. We are privileged to have such a chilled out and pleasant baby.

Your existence has made me want to be a better person and you have certainly made me realise what is important in life.

You are my whole heart and everything I do is for you,

Love Mummy x

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