Baby Diary: 10 Months Old

Okay now this is getting scary, 10 months old. You are now in double figures and in 2 months time you will be 1... I feel like sobbing a little! 

Ever the cheeky, happy and excitable boy that we know and love. You are so much fun but there have been days where you haven't been your happy little self and have been much harder to please. This month your bossy and feisty side has really shone through! I don't know where you get that from *cough cough* You aren't just becoming more strong minded but you are also becoming more loving too by giving me lots of cuddles on a daily basis. 

You haven't been weighed this month but I would guess that you are now into the 20lb mark as you have really bulked out lately. You still have long and skinny limbs but you are solid. You now wear 9-12m in trousers and babygrows but still fit into 6-9m in tshirts and jackets. You wear size 4 nappies. 

This month hasn't been the best when it comes to your health. Nothing major but you have had the occasional cough and cold. You have had a horrible vomitting bug too which not only lasted a couple of days but put you off your food for a week or two. There were two nights where you woke choking on your own vomit and it was terrifying. You still have no teeth but have been showing more signs of teething. I think by our 11 month update we will have a tooth or two.  

Nothing has changed when it comes to feeding. You still have x3 5oz bottles a day, around 8oz of water and 3 meals a day. You still adore your food and your new favourite this month is egg mayo sandwiches! You love to feed yourself and sometimes refuse to be spoonfed which isn't ideal when it comes to porridge! You mainly eat what we eat now and you really enjoy sitting down at the table with us. 

Sleep has been hit and miss again this month. You are now in another huge leap and these leaps always upset your sleeping pattern. You usually sleep 8pm-8am with 1 feed at around 6am. You used to be able to sleep right through without waking for a bottle so I don't know if you are now just used to having this feed or you are hungry. I think having the vomitting bug and choking on your own sick in the middle of the night two nights running had a negative effect on both bedtime and naptime. After those incidents whenever I would try to settle you you would end up hysterically crying and it took a few days for that to stop.


- Speech. You now know the meaning to some of the words you say and you say them in context. Words such as Mama, Dada, Nana, Hiya. 

- Knowledge. You are a very clever baby and I have only really realised this month how many words you actually know. For example if I say "Take your dodo out" and you will look at me, think about it and then take it out. 

- Ta. Now whenever I say "ta" you place whatever you are holding into my hand (but swiftly take it back!)

- Pointing. Now when I ask where certain things are you won't just look at them but you will point too and make a "uh" noise. 

- Crawling. You aren't crawling yet but I think it could be any day now. You can now get yourself from the sitting position into the crawl position and try to move. You usually flop down onto your stomach but you are trying. Whenever you are sitting you always make an attempt to crawl. 

- Kneeling. You can now get into the kneeling position from sitting. 

- Standing. You are getting better with standing now. We dug out a play table we were sent a while back and have been practicing on that. In just a week you have gotten much more confident. 

- Movement. Although you haven't mastered how to crawl yet you are never still. Whenever you are sat down you are always attempting to crawl or reaching for something or other. 

- Waving. You learnt to wave last month but we don't need to ask you to do it anymore you do it all the time. You can also clap, dance, point, kiss and cuddle when we ask you to. 

- You have learnt how to fake a laugh and do it all the time! Along with your fake cough! 

Things you like

- Doc McStuffins. The Doc has become one of your favourites this month a long side Spongebob. I have learnt the words to all the songs so I can sing them to you and you get so excited! "Time for your check up, time for your check up!"

- Butties. You had your first proper sandwich this month and you devoured the whole thing in a matter of minutes.

- Books. You love to be read to and find books very funny too!

- Nap times with Mummy. You sleep so much better when I'm curled up beside you.

- Food. Especially fruit and any food that you can feed yourself. 

- People watching. Your stranger anxiety seems to have mellowed a little this month and you seem a lot more confident around other people. You are really interested in people and what they are doing which is no surprise as you never miss a beat! 

- Diet coke cans. As soon as you see one of those shiny silver cans you try to grab it and get very excited. You are like a little magpie and like shiny things. 

- Music and musical instruments. You love to listen to Daddy play guitar and anything musical you will dance to. My musician in the making. 

- The vac, the hairdryer and the mop! Simple things make you giggle.

Things you don't like

- You always have a good whine when we clean your face or your ears. 

- Being cleaned after a meal. Which is totally unavoidable when you let your 10 month old baby feed themselves! 

- Not being able to crawl. You are really trying to figure out how to crawl and you get so frustrated that you aren't able to move about yet. Poor baby. 


  1. Oh he is just too adorable. How has it been 10 months already?! x

  2. I still can't believe he is 10 months. That has ZOOMED by! x