Review: Nonabox - August Edition

We have been reviewing Nonabox for many months now and I have been a big fan since day one. I love the concept behind them and I do think they are one of the best subscription boxes on the market. Subscription is £25 a month and each box exceeds that value.

Here is what was inside our August box-

Eisberg Alcohol free wine - £2.79 - I won't drink but probably would do if I was pregnant.
C de C vest - £20.00 - This is unused as it's not the right size for Noah. Perfect for a newborn baby girl.
Waterwipes - £2.49 - These went straight into the nappy bag because we love Waterwipes.
Panyno baby girl shoes - £25.00 - Lovely shoes but I can't use them due to them being baby girl shoes.
Clearspring fruit pouches - 89p - I had never heard of Clearspring before and Noah loved the pouches.
Turtle Tots swim nappy - £10.00 - This was in newborn size so we couldn't use this either.

As a blogger I have been receiving a sample box each month which contain random items which aren't at all tailored to my son. I can understand why Nonabox send bloggers these boxes as it is simply easier for them to distribute but for me it's not really working. I find that I can't really give a true review because these aren't the items I would be receiving if I was a regular customer who had subscribed. I do review these random items the best I can but the majority of them I am unable to use as they aren't suitable for my son's age, size, or gender. I think that Nonabox are doing it totally wrong when it comes to these reviews because if they did send out personalised boxes they would be receiving more accurate and more positive feedback. I have aired these thoughts to them and I thought I would mention it here too as I didn't want my readers to think that you do receive random items when you subscribe because you don't. What I have in my Nonabox each month is a random sample box.

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 


  1. I agree - I think for you to give a proper review you would need the items tailored towards you and Noah. x

  2. Agree, we should be sent a true subscription rather than random items x

  3. It is quite weird how you get things that don't suit at all! If you had a newborn baby girl that would have been a lovely box...

  4. Completely's rather impossible to review items you've not been able to use