Review: Silly Billyz Organics Bib and Blanket

Silly Billyz are known for making the "best bibs ever" or so their customers like to say. When I was asked if I would like to review my choice of two items from the Silly Billyz Organics range I couldn't wait to see if that sentiment was true!

I initially thought that Silly Billyz only sold bibs as their twitter handle is @sillybillyzbibs but after viewing their range online I was pleasantly surprised to see such a wide range of products. Not just bandana bibs, large bibs and coverall bibs but hooded towels, snooze blankets and much more too. After much deliberation I decided to choose the organic Snooze Blanket and matching towel bib in the a lovely neutral colour called "milk".

Organic Snooze Blanket-
We love a good blanket in this house. With Noah being partial to his blankie's the Snooze Blanket had a lot to measure up to. When it arrived it was presented nicely and I almost didn't want to open it. The material of the blanket is made with organic cotton and is luxuriously soft. It's just as soft after being thrown into the washing machine and the dryer a couple of times too, which is a plus! We adore the blanket and have found many uses for it. Last week for example we've had a picnic in the garden with it, it's been used as a play mat, we've played peekaboo with it and of course we've snuggled up with it. It's fab and I think it would make a welcomed gift to any new or expectant mother out there.

Organic Towel Bib-
Some women are pram snobs, others changing bag snobs but not me. I'm a snob when it comes to bib's! After testing out a dozen different brands on my super dribbly son I am very choosy when it comes to bibs. I was very excited to see if Silly Billyz would live up to their reputation of the "best bibs ever!" So did they? Although that sentiment is huge they certainly live up to it. The towel bib is not just soft but very absorbent too. It fastens easily and neatly at the back of the neck which I always look for in a good bib as I don't do fiddly! It's a great size too and will last us a long time.

Overall we love Silly Billyz! Judging from the two products we received the brand is right up there with the best when it comes to quality and affordable quality at that. We would hesitate to recommend them to a friend and will certainly be buying from them in the future.

Disclaimer- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own.  


  1. You should try lovjoy bibs, on amazon...absolutely brilliant, my baby dribbles so much I can go through 10 a day! These bibs have like a fleecy material underneath so that when the top is soaking its literally still dry underneath and doesn't soak his clothes! Xx Rosie

  2. The fabric type of bib doesn't work well with me as when I use it for feeding, the food stains are hard to remove. I like the waterproof bibs instead.