A day in the life of Noah

I recently decided to document a day in the life of Noah. We don't necessarily have a routine but we do have a little bit of structure in our days, this works for us. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bottles and naps are usually around the same time every day but it can vary here and there. This particular day was a few weeks back now and I am only just having the time to type it up so here goes.

6:15am: Wake up for morning bottle.
6:25am: Go back to sleep.
8:10am: Wake up and wake Mummy up too.
8:15am: Cuddles and giggles in bed with Mummy.
8:26am: Nappy change.
8:40am: Breakfast: Porridge, petit filous, banana, blueberries and water.
9:14am: Finish breakfast. Clean up.
9:20am: Get changed for the day. Have a drink of water.
9:30am: Playtime. We play with some toys and watch a little Nick Jnr.
9:47am: You have a toddle around in your walker.
10:00am: We sit down and read some books together.
10:15am: Cuddles and a drink in bed read before naptime.
10:34am: Morning nap.
11:05am: Wakes up with a dirty nappy (you would of usually slept for longer.)
11:06am: Nappy change. Has a drink.
11:30am: Playtime on the floor. You decide that chewing on your new shoes is lots of fun.
11:45am: Playing on the downstairs now. Playing nicely with toys and watching Tweenies for the first time.
12:10pm: Lunch; Tuna butty, cheese, tomato puffs, rice cake, petit filou, blackberries.
12:50pm: Cleaned up.
12:55pm: Walker time.
13:05pm: Playing and laughing with Mummy.
13:10pm: Trying to crawl over to grab the paper I'm currently writing on.
13:20pm: Singing, dancing and clapping with Mummy. A total show off!
13:30pm: Putting blocks inside a box and then emptying it. Has a drink.
13:45pm: Afternoon nap.
15:00pm: You wake earlier than planned to due unexpected visitors arriving.
15:05pm: Nappy change.
15:10pm: 4oz bottle.
15:15pm: Playing and having a cuddle with cousin, auntie and uncle.
16:00pm: Feeling crammed as you haven't napped properly all day.
16:15pm: Kisses and cuddles with Mummy.
16:30pm: An unheard of 3rd nap as you are exhausted and very cranky.
17:01pm: Wake up.
17:15pm: Daddy comes home from work and you greet him with lots of smiles. Time to cuddle Dad!
17:20pm: Dinner time: Chicken casserole, sweetcorn, cucumber, tomato, biscotti.
18:00pm: Had a jump in your jumperoo whilst Mummy and Daddy eat their meal.
18:15pm: Time for a chat and a play with Dad.
18:30pm: We drove to the new house to see the cats and have a little walk.
19:05pm: Come home for a bedtime bath.
19:30pm: Out the bath, dry, changed and cuddled.
20:05pm: Bedtime 5oz bottle and bed.

Do you follow a routine or are you a bit more babyled like us? 


  1. Lovely post. We do have a routine, but when we go out it mostly goes out of the window - lol. xx

  2. We have a routine, but it was a babyled one that just sort of fell into place and Digs is quite predictable with it, but he's happy to go off it if we're doing something a bit different. Meal times and nap times are similar to yours :) xx

  3. He hasnt half gotten big! Little cutie!

  4. He always looks so happy, I love his little curls. We have a routine but I couldn't do it any other way with twins, we are more relaxed when my husband is off work but when it's just me and the three boys I try and stick to the same times. xx

  5. We're fairly baby-led like you. We have a schedule for meals and we try to have a schedule for naps but it doesn't always work out.