Autumn days

Becoming a parent doesn't just change your life forever but it changes you as a person forever too. You don't realise how much so until you have your first child, it's simply indescribable. You experience amazing and humbling moments on a daily basis and I could sit here all night listing them. 

Something I have noticed lately is how you begin to appreciate and notice the little things in life again. The parts of life that had just turned into white noise, the parts you just pass by. 

The three of us recently went on a walk around our local park. After our stroll I took Noah out of his pram and sat him under a large oak tree. He sat there with a big grin on his face, studying every inch of that tree. You could see the wonder in his eyes as he seemed to take everything in. He would kick his legs through all of the fallen Autumnal leaves and pick them up and scrunch them in his hands. Nick and I just sat there with smiles on our faces and our hearts filled with love. Ordinary moments like this are simply magical. 


  1. Those photos are fantastic, such a lovely moment and such a great location x

  2. Lovely photos and it's so true. My daughter is only 5 months old and it's amazing to see her discovering things for the first time x

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  4. Amazing photos, he gets more and more gorgeous every time i see him!

    Vikki xxx
    Love From Mummy - UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  5. Gorgeous photos your little boy is a stunner! Thanks so much for linking up and it is really lovely to find your blog- its lovely! x