Our home: Noah's Nursery

We have been renovating our house for the past 5 months and everything is finally coming together. We weren't very sensible when it came to starting the work as instead of starting one room at a time we dived in and started every room, all at once. If I was to do this all over again I would certainly undertake one room at a time. Doing so much at once doesn't get you very far and it can leave you feeling deflated. It's been a long and slow process and I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to be almost at that finish line. 

I thought I would share with you some photo's from the work we have done in Noah's room. To say it's one of the smaller rooms in the house it sure took a lot of work!

We initially stripped all the walls in this room which took a long time to do because the previous owner had used some pretty old school wallpaper paste! We spent a good few days doing that but it was all to no avail. In the end we needed to start from scratch with the walls as they were in such bad condition (got to love old houses for that). That meant we needed to knock off all the plaster which isn't just hard work but dusty work too. Once we had done that we discovered the houses original wooden slats and they all needed to be prised off with a hammer.

Next up the walls needed to be boarded up with plaster board and then plastered. The ceiling was also lowered and painted at the same time and spot lights were installed. With the new walls came new skirting boards and a new door frame too. (All sounds pretty straight forward on paper, it's not when you are doing it.)

We gave the plaster a good few days to dry and while we waited we painted all the woodwork white. Noah's room was one of the rooms which I really struggled to decide what paint colour to choose. Graham and Brown offered to send us some paint and after gratefully accepting and browsing through their website we finally decided on a colour. We chose a gentle shade called Oakville. It's a gorgeous colour which seems to change colour drastically depending on the light and the time of day. In the mornings it looks like a light buttermilk shade but by night it looks more like a warm yellow. You can tell it's a great quality paint because even on plaster (which likes to drink paint) it covered and applied well and easy. We love the colour and it's made Noah's room look and feel very cosy.

Painting the room didn't take long and after the second coat we gave all the woodwork another coat too. The next step was to have the carpet fitted and that's is always the most exciting part because you know your room is almost complete! 

Noah's room is finished when it comes to renovating and decorating but it's not when it comes to dressing it. At the minute it's very minimalist when it comes to decor as all that is in there is his cot, wardrobe and some toys. We need to take his changing unit out of storage, put up his shelves and lots more. Once we are all settled and all the jobs throughout the house have been completed I will then be focusing more on home decor and will be blogging all about it too. 

We love how Noah's room has turned out and he must really love his new room too. After 4 months of exclusively sleeping and napping in bed with me he has moved into his cot, in his new room, in his new house without one single hiccup! Very proud Mummy!

What colour is your little one's nursery? Do you like the colour we chose? 


  1. It looks fab! It must feel wonderful looking back at the old pictures and seeing such a dramatic change. It sounds like more than hard word work but it must feel great knowing that you did all yourselves :) x

  2. His room looks lovely, all the effort definitely paid off! Cannot wait to see it when you have all the bits and pieces in there :) x