Noah's 1st Birthday - The Birthday Party

If you read the blog you will know that Noah turned 1 last Wednesday. Crazy right? I still can't comprehend it. I don't understand how the last year has flown by so quickly. 

We celebrated his birthday day in a rather relaxed and easy going way. We woke up in the morning wishing Noah a Happy Birthday and brought him in bed with us for snuggles and his morning bottle. We then went downstairs for a bit of breakfast and then got ready for the day. 

It was then time to show him all his presents and balloons which were waiting for him in the front room. When we walked in he smiled and pointed straight at all the balloons. He wasn't very interested in his presents and preferred to crawl through the dozen balloons. 

We had to really encourage him to open his presents but to be honest we had to open the majority of them for him as he was too busy crawling about. His favourite present was his ball pool which he couldn't stop beaming at. We had a good play for a while before it was time for his morning nap.

We then spent the rest of the day shopping and visiting family. All in all it was a lovely day. 

On Saturday we held his 1st birthday party at the new house. It was the first time we have ever thrown our own party but how perfect is it that our first party was our sons first birthday in our first home! 

I'd had the invites designed, printed and sent off a few weeks before and had invited all our close family. 

Everyone arrived shortly after 12pm and Noah absolutely lapped up the attention, he loves having guests and was truly in his element. 

We had laid on a huge buffet with the help of Noah's Great Nan and I had ordered his birthday cake off one of my close friends too. I thought we had provided way too much food but I was surprised with how much food was eaten! 

Noah had such a good day surrounded by his family and we all did too. Happy Birthday baby! 


  1. He is so gorgeous and I remember the tweets of the day he was born and now he's one!! Shocking but his first birthday looked so much fun! x

  2. What a lovely cake! I'm glad you had a lovely party, and that Noah had a brilliant first birthdayx

  3. I can not believe it!! He's just so big now. Happy first Birthday Noah! x

  4. It looks like you had a lovely day, his cake is beautiful! The first of many parties in your new home x

  5. Aww! Bless him! It looks like he had a wonderful birthday! He's getting so big now! x