Keeping warm this Winter


Wondering how to keep warm when you're the only one at home during the day? Central heating is great when you've got a full house and you want to move from room to room in comfort but what's the best way to stay warm when you're the only one in? 

It's surprising how many people ask this question. Ask anyone working from home whether they are retired, unemployed, students, stay-at-home mums or bloggers, staying warm at this time of year is a constant battle. 

If you are like me you probably spend most of your time in one room during the day. It is wasteful to leave the central heating on in every single room so I do tend to use some portable heaters from time to time.

The trouble with these traditional portable heaters is they clutter up the room, are sometimes noisy and unreliable, often overheat the air making the room stuffy, and they all leave your feet and ankles cold. As Noah is always crawling about on the floor I am always worried about how cold and drafty it can be. 

If you have ever been in a house with underfloor heating you will know how comfortable and welcoming it is. You get none of the draughts associated with conventional radiators and with the heat source below your feet, your feet and ankles are never going to be cold. 

I would love to install underfloor heating but the thought of starting renovations again makes me feel overwhelmed. That's without thinking of all the mess and the cost! 

Not to fret, help is at hand. I want to introduce you to an new ingenious type of portable heater that has none of the drawbacks of other portable heaters and gives you that 'underfloor heating feeling'.  

This little marvel is an under-rug heater, called RugBuddy. It's safe on any surface you simply lay it onto your floor and cover with a rug, plug it in and within a few minutes you'll be enjoying beautiful radiant warmth from under your feet. 

This is ideal if you are like me and want to turn-down or turn off the central heating. Each 1C you turn down your central heating means a saving of £75 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust yet the RugBuddy only costs a few pence per hour to run.

Go to if you'd like to read more. RugBuddy is CE marked and passes IEC tests.

Chic Geek Diary readers can get a 10% discount until the end of December 2014 when they buy.  Just use coupon code CHICG in the checkout.

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  1. Interesting! Any way you can insulate yourselves from the rampant winter weather, you should go with. Heaters are indeed the most immediate ones in that regard, but it's never bad to be one step ahead with everything, right? Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech HVAC