Make the switch

When you own your own home you realise how much everything costs and you also realise the impact your everyday choices make on the environment. I am always trying to think of ways to save money and energy and one simple way to do so is by switching to LED lights. 

When we were renovating our home we decided to have spotlights installed in most rooms and my other half insisted on using LED bulbs. At first I didn't really understand why he was droning on about these bulbs so much but when he told me each one should last 25 years and only uses 4 watts of energy I was sold. They are little pricer than an average bulb but you save so much money and energy in the long run that it wouldn't make sense not to switch. 

LED Planet have put together this fabulous infographic which highlights more stats and fun facts all about LED lighting and ways to be more energy efficient. 

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