Noah - 13 Months Old

Noah you are now 13 months old, 13 months! My little baby is hardly a baby anymore. I know I should be calling you a toddler now but I am still a little in denial. I have made progress though because I have just changed the title of your updates. No more baby diaries, just updates now. 

You are the best, you have such a character. Cheeky, funny, intelligent, lovable, caring, inquisitive and sometimes grumpy, highly strung and and defiant too. You have the perfect mix of both our traits, both good and bad. This month you are the most affectionate you have ever been and it literally melts my heart. You do have a tendency to hug and kiss your teddies and the cats more than Mummy and Daddy though, we will have to work on that!  

You are still wearing 9-12 month clothing and still in size 4 nappies. You are wearing some 12-18 month jackets but I think they are smaller fitting because everything else in 12-18 months is huge. You are slim with a flat stomach with only the slightest bit of podge on your thighs. Mummy and Daddy were both like that too, no matter what we ate we stayed slender (I wish that was the case now!)  

Last month you hard time with teething, rashes and viral infections but this month have been fine. You still only have two teeth so you haven't been teething badly but I can see you top two beneath the gums now. The lump is still there on the gland on your neck and we are going to take you back to the GP if it doesn't go soon. You had your 12 month injections this week and you cried only for a minute but it was horrible seeing you have 3 in one sitting. You had a little bit of a temperature afterwards but other than that you have been fine. 

Not much has changed when it comes to feeding. You are still having three bottles of full fat cows milk a day; morning, afternoon and night. Usually 8oz, 6oz, 8oz. As well as drinking water we now offer you diluted fresh orange juice because it really helps with your constipation and you really enjoy it. You have three meals a day and sometimes a little snack. You have had the occasional day where you have seemed a little off when it comes to your food but overall you are still a good eater. Your favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese and you adore fruit and veg. 

Last month was an awful month when it came to sleep and naps which was down to teething and the big leap that you were going through. You got into the habit of crying your eyes out as soon as we left the room and after trying so many different ways of helping you through this we have found a way! When we now leave the room we leave the door slightly open and just walk away. As the door is open a little you feel comfortable and when I peep round the corner a few minutes later you are usually asleep or are settling down so I slowly close the door. I feel like you developed a little separation anxiety when it came to bedtime and something as simple as keeping the door open when we initially leave the room has helped so much. Just by doing this the past two weeks you have been sleeping great. You are still having x2 1 hour naps a day and generally settle down for a nap without a fuss. Bedtime you usually sleep through for 12 hours, till about 8am in the morning. 


- Cruising. You were mastering it last month but this month you easily walk along furniture.

- Balance. You can stand up unaided a lot easier and steadier now. You even sit down from a standing position but I haven't seen you stand up from being sat down without help just yet.

- Steps. You took your first two steps this month but fell over into my arms. You haven't done it since so I am thinking it was a fluke but it means you are getting the confidence.

- Spoon feeding. You have almost mastered feeding yourself with a spoon and really enjoy to do so.

- Imitating. You try to copy everything that we do now. From the words we say. to the actions we do.

- Speech. You try to say more words now and I am sure that you can now say dirty a long with Mama, Mam, Dada, Dad, Nanna, Nan, Hiya.

- Understanding. You are so quick to learn new things. We only need to show you how to do something once and you seem to pick it up. For example I pulled a straw out of my drink which you took from me and tried to put it back in.

- Where's your head? You now pat your head when we ask where it is. 

Things you like

- Dancing. You are the dance master! You are always dancing! If you hear any sort of music you will point at me and I will have to stand you up so you can dance or jump about. If music comes on and we ask you do dance you don't think twice and start shaking your booty.

- Cartoons. You love your cartoons. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Zou, Sophia the First, Spongebob, Curious George, Sheriff Callie. You mainly like the songs because you just love to dance. 

- Soft toys. You love snuggling upto teddies and soft toys. It's super cute.

- The laptop. You make a beeline for it the minute you set eyes on it. You are obsessed with gadgets and electronics. 

- Ted. You love love love the cats are so gentle with them which never ceases to amaze me. 

- The remotes. Tv remotes, central heating remote, fire remotes. Anything with buttons and your tiny little fingers have to be all over it. 

 - Advent calender. You aren't that big on chocolate really but you get so excited when you spot your advent calender.

- Brushing your teeth. As soon as you got your first tooth we began brushing your teeth and you don't mind it at all. You do prefer to do it yourself and as you still only have your bottom two it's not so hard to do. If we ask you to brush your teeth you do and do the brushing motions and everything. 

- Tommy. I bought you a ragdoll from IKEA a few weeks back and you are besotted with him. He's almost the same size as you and he's become such a pal for you, you are always snuggling him. 

Things you don't like

Daddy putting you to bed. Not because you want me but because you don't want Daddy to leave you. When Daddy is home from work you think it's playtime no matter what time it is.

Santa. We took you to see Santa for the first time last week. It was a little eerie for us going into this little shabby shed to find an 18 year old lad sat there with a beard on. It's no wonder you screamed the place down.

Being told no. I think this can be said for most toddlers and children. 

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  1. Oh he is getting more gorgeous as the months go by and he looks SO BIG on his feet! x