Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking fillers for Toddlers

I hope you are all getting on well with your Christmas shopping but if you are anything like me then you will still have a few bits left to buy. I'm getting there, slowly but surely but I wish I was more prepared.

Two of my favourite type of presents to buy are baby products and stocking fillers so I thought I would combine the two and share some of the products that are in Noah's stocking this year.

Noah has plenty of Christmas presents put away for the big day so his stocking fillers are looking a little sparse but I think it covers the basics. A bib, snacks, socks and smellies!

1. Reindeer Dribble Bib from Zippy Bibs. We have a few dribble bibs from Zippy Bibs and they are great, they stock such a wide range of different designs and colours. Every toddler and baby needs a Christmas themed outfit with a matching bib and I've fallen in love with this cute Reindeer design.

2. Organix Goodies Selection Box. We love Organix and have been using their range since we began weaning Noah all those months ago. We were really impressed when we saw their healthy take on a Selection Box. It's crammed full of yummy snacks and I think Noah will really enjoy the little gingerbread men.

3. Sophie le Giraffe Cosmetics Starter Kit. Sophie is possibly the worlds most famous giraffe and the brand has now reached out into baby cosmetics. This starter kit contains everything you need for the perfect bath and skincare routine; baby face cream, baby body lotion, baby hair and body wash and baby oil. It's a gorgeous set and smells beautiful.

4. Chatty Feet Socks - Captain Awesome. It wouldn't be Christmas without receiving a funky pair of socks and the Chatty Feet Socks range is fantastic. Not only do they sell socks for children but adults too. You could buy a pair for every member of the family.

What's in your Child's stocking this year?

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