Our Christmas 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I can't believe it's all over with for another year, time just flies by when you are having fun!

This year was Noah's 2nd Christmas and it was a lot more fun than last year as he was only 6 weeks old at the time. Both years have been super special, we've made many memories and have hundreds of photo's to look back on. Having a child really puts the magic back into Christmas time and it's only going to get more exciting as he get's older. 

On Christmas Eve we just had a lovely relaxing day at home and then went to Noah's Great Grandparent's house for a Christmas Eve get together and meal. It was lovely and the food was delicious as ever, boy can our Nanny cook! Noah must of known that it was Christmas in the morning because he was absolutely hyper when we came home and we couldn't settle him until after 9pm. 

Our Christmas Day was our regular busy affair, it isn't a relaxing time for us at all, it's all go, go, go. We woke up a little later than planned as Noah decided to sleep in till 9am. We had breakfast in bed and then went downstairs to dive into all our presents. Noah was very excited when he spotted all the gifts under the tree and made a beeline for his giant polar bear teddy that his Great Grandparents had bought him. He wasn't interested in opening his birthday presents in November so I didn't think he would just 6 weeks later but he loved sitting on our knee's tearing apart the paper. He pretty much hugged every present that he received, it was very cute.

After we had opened all our presents and had gotten ready it was time to drive over to my Mum's house who lives about 20 minutes away. Once we arrived we wished everyone a Merry Christmas and then it was time to exchange gifts. We all received some really lovely presents. I had bought my Mum an entwined heart necklace from Noah and a huge framed photo of him amongst other stocking fillers. I like to spoil my Mum at Christmas cause she is such a hardworker and is devoted to Noah, she deserves it. Noah had a great time with my family, unwrapping and playing with all his gifts. We could only stay a few hours because this year it was the in laws turn for Christmas dinner.

So it was time to drive back home and visit the in laws for our 3rd present exchange of the day and for Christmas dinner. Noah had hardly napped all day but he was a star, he didn't complain at all. The day seemed to fly by and not long after it was time to go home to call it a night. 

On Boxing Day we went to my Nanna's for her annual Boxing Day Party and present swap. This is something she has done ever since I was born and a tradition that we do every year. Noah cried when we first arrived and it's because he doesn't see my Dad's side of the family often but he soon warmed up and was showing off in no time. We were spoilt yet again and enjoyed a lovely buffet courtesy of my Nan. It was a bit more relaxing than the past few days but we were still worn out. 

3 days later and I am still recovering from our Christmas and not because I had one two many drinks but because we are always so busy! We had a great Christmas though, albeit a busy one! How did you celebrate Christmas?


  1. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and I love the photos - the Santa outfits are adorable! x

  2. That rocking horse is gorgeous! Sounds like an awesome family Christmas x

  3. Looks like you had a great Christmas! I love Christmas!

  4. I love Noah on the rocking horse! So cute

  5. OMG cuteness overload, baby Noah he looks totally different now xxx

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