Loving the little things - 1/52 - #littleloves

I am always seeing people taking part in numerous linkies throughout the year and it's always something I've wanted to be involved in. This year I am going to attempt to take part in a couple different linkies every week and see how I get on.

Today I stumbled across a linky called #littleloves and it's brought to you by Morgana over at But Why Mummy Why. It sounds like lots of fun so here are my first set of #littleloves for the first week of the year.

Read - I used to be such a book worm but since becoming a Mum I rarely get the chance now. I read more blogs than books and my favourite posts this week are from Alex who writes Bump to Baby. She has just started sharing her pregnancy journey with us all and it's so exciting! 

Watched - I am absolutely obsessed with American TV shows and I enjoy nothing more than getting stuck into a new series. Over the Christmas period I started watching a show called Justified and I am hooked. I am on season 5 already and I cannot get enough of Timothy Olyphant.

Wore - Big thick jumpers, leggings and ugg boots, every day. Nothing like a big thick jumper when it's so cold and as I've put on weight they are also something to hide underneath too. 

Heard - Noah's voice. He's always been a chatterbox but mainly babbling and baby language with the odd Dada and Mama throw into the mix. Lately, he is really trying to repeat the words you say and he's certainly added more words to his vocabulary this week which are Jake and Mickey. You can't tell what TV channel he watches, can you? Ha ha.

Made - Numerous roast dinners! We love our roast dinners in this house and it's one of Noah's favourite meals! The photo is of Noah's plate and believes it or not he pretty much ate the entire thing. He likes everything on there but his favourite is probably the parsnips and stuffing.

And Lasty - I don't know what day it is! Nick has been off for work over Christmas and all the days have blurred into one! Noah was a little confused at first with why Daddy was at home with us but he's really enjoyed it. Nick has two more days off now and then it back to work for him, back to reality! 



  1. What a good eater, long may it continue! Nothing like a woolly jumper in this weather..Sounds like a lovely week, happy new year :) xx

  2. Loving the new blog look!! Happy New Year x

  3. Oh yay! I started joining in with this linky this year too and will be great to read what you've been up to. Loving the new blog update too x

  4. I'm totally with you on the leggings and oversized jumped thing! It's all I'm wearing now that Christmas is over and pajamas are no longer acceptable during the day, haha! Thanks for linking up lovely x

  5. What a good little eater! My 3 year old used to be but he's getting fussier as he gets older, little monkey!
    Jo (Not A Frumpy Mum) #littleloves