Let it go, lasagne and little reads! 5/52 - #littleloves

Since the start of the year I've been wanting to start a new book. It has taken me 5 weeks but I finally stuck my nose into a good book. It was short book I was sent to review called "Paris for one" by Jojo Moyes and it was a nice read! Something easy to get through while I get myself back into it. 

I love my American TV and last week I was steadily getting through the first series of Stalker. It's a thriller type show which really grips you and you feel like you are on eggshells all the way through. It's great, I would recommend it. 

Again nothing very interesting other than oversized knits and leggings. I have been enjoying my La Redoute Parka in this cold weather we are having, it certainly keeps me warm and cosy.

Noah has been wearing a new pair of dungaree's that I bought off eBay. I am absolutely obsessed with them as he looks so cute in them. He must of worn them three times that week! 

My 14 month old son has finally discovered Frozen. He sits there in totally awe watching "Let it go" so it's safe to say that has been stuck in my head most of the week.

An epic lasagne! Probably my best yet and I think it's down to making it the day before and then putting it back in the oven the next day. The photo is of my partners plate. I promise I'm not a feeder! 

And lastlyThis week I was sent the most sentimental artwork ever and it was courtesy of The Day That. It's a photograph of the sunset on the morning that Noah was born. I haven't been able to stop staring at it, it's beautiful. Make sure to keep an eye on the blog as a review will be live soon. 


  1. I adore lasagne, yours looks amazing! I really must make some this week. Noah looks adorable, I love little ones in dungarees. Hope your're having a good week xx

  2. Lasagne is my favourite!!! Oh those dungarees are cute! I love them, that photo from Noah's birth is so beautiful.I love sentimental things like that x

  3. That print is absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe. That lasagne also looks EPIC. I love a good homemade lasagne x

  4. that plate of food looks soooo good!!

  5. Next day lasagne. The best. Love your carb loading too. Lush! #littleloves