Box Upon A Time - Review

As a Mum and a blogger, I am always finding and following fantastic baby brands and Box Upon A Time is just that. It's a subscription service that delivers a monthly or quarterly box of baby designer clothing straight to your door.
There are three different levels which you can subscribe to-
This box is priced at £29 and contains 2 or 3 pieces of designer clothes. The typical value of the box is between £40 to £60.  

This box costs £49 and contains 3 or 4 pieces of designer clothes. The RRP of the Gold boxes is between £80 to £120.

This premium box is priced at £69 and inside is 3 to 5 designer pieces. Typical value of these boxes is £110 to £170.

You can totally personalise the box that you decide to subscribe to by answering a few of the following questions over on their website-
        - Name, gender and Date of Birth of your child (newborn – 3 years)
- Select the style of clothing that you would like; Classic, Chic, Rock, Fantasy, Sport Casual.
- Pick the colours you prefer.
- Choose the style of pattern on the clothing.
- You can even select what type of clothing you would prefer. Need more trousers? Let them know.

Once you have made your choices a stylist will then pick out pieces which are tailored to your taste. Unfortunately we didn't tailor our own box so I can't give you a run down on the website or process in depth but it does appear to be pretty straight forward.

Here is what was in our box-
As we were receiving a sample box for the purpose of this review I had no idea what to expect when our box arrived. I am rather picky when it comes to clothes for my son so I was a little apprehensive and hoped that was chosen for Noah would be something that I liked. 

Our box was a Silver box and contained 4 pieces of designer clothes; a shirt, sweater, knitted jacket, and corduroy trousers. All of which I was shocked to discover that I loved! The shirt and trouser combination is so adorable and he looked like a little grown-up wearing it. Every item is excellent quality and each is good sizing too. 

Overall I am totally impressed with Box Upon A Time. It's not just a brilliant concept but a concept that works. The box introduces you to new brands, brands that you perhaps wouldn't of heard of before. It allows you to indulge in designer and top quality clothing for your young child without having to pay a hefty price tag. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Box Upon A Time to everyone! 

- I was send this product for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are my own.


  1. Hi! Really nice clothes, especially the last one :)

    1. Thank you! Although I can't take credit for the outfit picks. That was all down to Box Upon A Time's stylist!

  2. Oh that outfit looks adorable on him. I love how well all the pieces in your box work together. Such a great concept and such great quality too x

  3. What gorgeous clothes! So cute and what a fab idea! I love the little jumper esp xxx

  4. Those outfit is absolutely beautiful, the jumper just completes it.

    Jodie @ what-jodie-did x

  5. These clothes are beautiful especially the blue & white shirt and jumpers. He looks very cute in them. :)

    1. Thank you, that's kind of you to say. My favourite piece was the trousers.

  6. Gorgeous! I put Wonderboy in a really similar outfit for his birthday last year - love taupe and blue together! What a little pick me up to receive through the post - it's like birthday time x

    1. It's such a fab idea and concept and one that works too. I love taupe/beige and blue together too!

  7. Lovely! I've heard of this box and it looks like a great service. I'm a bit of a baby clothes enthusiast so something like this would be right up my street :)