Sharky and bones, soft play and sexy specs - 6/52 - #littleloves

Another week, another little loves. Here is what I've been loving this week!

I've not read a book this week but I have been going through the books on my ipad that I bought ages ago, there are so many I am yet to read. I did start reading Under the Dome when I was pregnant and should really carry on with it but I have totally forgot what has happened in it.

I started watching the series Hannibal this week. At first it shocked me a little as it was a bit out there but two episodes in and I can see myself getting hooked. I've also been watching Justified and the car crashes that are Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the beach.

I rediscovered a slouch black top that my Mum bought me for Christmas this week and it's so comfortable. I think it was from Primark but it's such a lovely quality. Being black it is also slimming so that is always a plus! I've also been wearing some pretty funky specs in the name of Comic Relief! 

Sharky and Bones and Elsa, again! Noah loves Sharky and Bones and is always having a dance to their songs. He is also infatuated with Elsa and Let it go. I bought him Frozen on DVD today and he wasn't interested in the film at all. But when Let it go came on he stopped what he was doing and just zoned out watching her sing. So cute.

We made it into Mother & Baby magazine this week/month! Just a little snippet but Noah and I are in there. It's something that will certainly embarrass him when he's older, snogging his Mummy in the parking lot! (I know that's not really the correct answer but I had to sneak it in somewhere!)

And lastly
My Mum visited on Wednesday and we took Noah to soft play! It was nice having time just the three of us and we had such a good afternoon. Noah was in his element and being able to dash around made it so much more enjoyable for him. He spent most of his time kissing and cuddling the other babies which totally melted my heart!


  1. How exciting that you were in Mother and Baby! You definitely have to keep it and show him when he's older!
    Have a lovely week xx

  2. How nice to be in the magazine & I love the glasses for a very good cause.

  3. Well done you for featuring in mother & baby magazine! xx

  4. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!