Project 365 - Week 6 - 6/52

Another week has flown by! We are still unwell and full of colds but we've just been getting on with it. Noah is teething and pretty much has 5 teeth now! They are all coming at once and his sleep has been suffering because of it. We've had a lovely week despite teething and being ill though. We've been to soft play a couple of times, been to the park, fed the ducks, had a walk and went out for tea one night, no stopping us! Here is week 6 of project 365.

February 1st - 7th / Week 6

Noah spends Sunday afternoon with his Nanna every week. After his day out in Blackpool he came home and had a lovely bubble bath in our "almost" finished bathroom!

I love watching him walk about. I felt so ill on this day but Noah was cheering me up toddling about and generally being silly. 

I love this photo. He had just had his bath and we were getting him ready for bed. He was so hyperactive and was trying to roll around on the bed, don't think he was tired! Ha ha! 

My Mum came and visited us on Wednesday. She had to catch a train and then get a taxi to our house. We had lunch together and then we took Noah to soft play for the afternoon. He had such a good day and was so lovely with the other toddlers and babies. My heart was totally melting watching him go up to the other children and kiss and cuddle them. 

We went out for tea on Thursday night and Noah had one of his favourites, a roast dinner! I was sat there watching them both tuck into their food and I just had to take a photo! 

I was sent the amazing Armadillo Flip XT from Mama's & Papa's to test out as part of a blogger challenge. I decided to see how much this pram could handle by taking it up into the countryside. It managed fine on rocky rubble, snow and ice! It was absolutely freezing hence my expression and Noah was crying. But we got a few snaps! 

Saturday we went out for lunch, to soft play, to feed the ducks and for a walk. It was a great family day and how lovely is this photo of Nick and Noah? 

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  1. What a fab week of pictures. Love his face at soft play, obviously having a lot of fun Zx

  2. Your bathroom looks amazing and I love the roly-poly on the bed photo - gorgeous :) #365

  3. Oh you look soooo cold! Lovelt pictures, I particularly love the final one of Noah and Daddy walking together x

  4. I hope you all feel better soon! Lovely photos!

  5. Love that photo of him on the bed too, and looks like a great way to test out a new pushchair!

  6. Love that photo of him on the bed too, and looks like a great way to test out a new pushchair!