Childproofing the Garden for Spring

Getting the garden ready for the Spring and Summer can ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to play in the sun this year – making the most of the beautiful weather. Here we offer a few tips to child-proof your garden, keeping the kids (and your flowers) safe this year.

Plant Responsibly
Particularly important for children of kids who are prone to putting everything they find in their mouth and treating life like a taster menu – ensure everything you’ve planted in the garden isn’t hazardous if consumed. Here is a list from the Royal Horticultural Society detailing all the common garden plants which are potentially harmful to humans. Whilst the effects of ingesting many of these plants are minimal, it is better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, it is important to stress the importance of not eating plants – instilling a basic understanding in children.

Cover the Pond
If you are lucky enough to have a pond in the back garden, it will naturally attract the attention of toddlers and young children excited by water, frogs and lily pads. Creative Pond Covers stock a variety of pond covers which can help prevent kids from falling into the water whilst allowing them to still enjoy the pond life. The range of different styles can help ensure you won’t ruin your garden’s beauty.

Secure the Shed
If you store the lawnmower and garden tools in the shed, it’s vital that there is no way kids can break in and put themselves in harm’s way. Make sure the door and windows are locked and secure. If wood, paint or window panes have been damaged during the rainy winter, it may be prudent to replace them or cover in a preserving coat. Ronseal stock a selection of preserves which can help protect woods from the forces of nature – keeping the exterior of sheds strong and more durable against the attacks of toddlers and young children.

Treat the Kids
Although much of the garden childproofing process will involve removing and covering up features – adding an extra play area or feature can help the kids enjoy the great outdoors more and keep them safer in the process. A tried and tested play area, built by a trusted manufacturer can offer kids a safe area to play, removing the temptation to climb trees and fences. The play and picnic centre climbing frame range from All Round Fun features a play area, picnic table and sandbox to enjoy during a hot summer’s day.

Prep the Emergency Kit
Whilst you can take every precaution imaginable, kids are absolute experts at finding new ways to hurt and injure themselves. Make sure you have a fully-stocked emergency kit to hand so when the almost inevitable accident occurs, you can be the first on the scene to make them feel better. A sugar-free lollipop usually seems to help the healing process as well.

How are you preparing your garden for Spring?


  1. Great tips. I don't have a garden :( I have a tiny space in the back which is only really big enough for storing my recycling boxes xx

  2. Our garden is mostly just lawn but we do have some random flowers that grow so we'll have to check they're safe. I'm very excited about being able to spend time in the garden with Jasmine.

    Great tips, Jenna. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Our kids spend so much time in the garden that making sure everything is safe is always top of our priorities. Great post x

  4. I was just thinking about getting our garden safe for Charlie as its the first year he'll be mobile in it. Some great tips here thank you :)
    Ellie xo