Packing for our trip to Wales - Noah's essentials

With our trip to Wales just a week away it's time to start preparing everything that we need to pack. I have my pen and paper ready to start our lists but I thought I would also put together a blog post of just some of the items that I intend on bringing with us.

The drive to Wales is a long one and we estimate it to take us 6 hours to get there. We have never traveled longer than an hour at a time with Noah in the car so it's going to be a struggle! I need to ensure I bring along enough entertainment, snacks and distractions to keep my 16 month old toddler occupied on the way there.  

In car essentials-

1. Disney Junior Get Up and Dance CD. We bought this a while back now because Noah loves Dinsey Jnr. We have found it helps so much to have this playing in the background when we are in the car. He will bop a long to the tracks whilst his Daddy and I embarrassingly sing a long to the words!

2. I think the iPad will be the main item I will rely on while we are on our long journey to Wales. I'm going to purchase a few cartoons and games off iTunes before we go so he has plenty to watch and play. 

3. Noah loves books and Spot the Dog is one of his favourites just like he was when I was a child. The books we bought recently were actually from poundland and are just the right size to fit in his tiny hands. 

Bluestone in Wales is a National Park which of course means it's very outdoor orientated. We need to make sure we pack clothing which is suitable for both rain and shine. Here is one of the outfits that would be perfect for Noah for on our "outdoorsy" holiday. 

Outdoor clothing essentials

1. Diesel Waterproof Coat - 
I swear by duffle coats when it's bitter cold out and this number ticks all the right boxes. With it's down and feather inner it's bound to keep your toddler warm whilst the waterproof outer will keep them dry. I love the colour of the coat too, a lovely shade of jade green. 

3 Pommes Fleece Hoodie
This light weight hoodie is perfect for underneath a thick coat or over a tee when indoors. I like the style and look and it's something Noah would usually wear and get a lot of wear out of.  

Ikks Fleece Lined Trousers -
I don't dress Noah in jeans very often because I find them to be uncomfortable and they aren't very suitable for cloth nappies either (hello compression leaks!) When shopping I usually look for "jean like" trousers as you can still get the look but have the comfort too. You can find all three of these items and lots more over on

Do you have any tips when it comes to travelling with a toddler? Or have any suggestions on how to keep him occupied on our long journey? 


  1. Great list of things to pack. We're going in May and have invested in car DVD players - the kids are gonna have a blast in the car! x

  2. Great post. Omg Amelia (and us too) are obsessed with that CD. I bought it for Amelia while back as she loves disney Jr and she asks to listen to it every day and gets annoyed if i don't blue blue ribbon bunny haha!!! Its so catchy though xx

  3. awww i love the spot books, my daughter has paw patrol book set like that