Our double Anniversary

Today is a very special day for us for two reasons. Today is our 7 year anniversary and it's also been 2 years since we found out I was pregnant! 

7 years, wow. It feels like only yesterday when we started talking over myspace but at the same time it feels like I've been with him forever. I can't really remember what life was like before we were together and I don't want to. I remember our first kiss and I instantly knew there was something special there and I was right. I'm not a sappy, cheesy person but that's the truth. 

An anniversary is always a special date but 2 years ago it was made even more special because we found out I was expecting. We had decided to start trying for a baby at the January 2013 and we didn't think it would happen so quickly. I knew I was pregnant before I even tested as I felt different straight away. My body felt different, I was exhausted and so crazily emotional. 

I had been testing every morning for a couple of days and although the tests where negative I still had faith and trusted my instinct. The morning of our 5 year anniversary I saw that red line appear! I was pregnant! I remember crying with happiness and I actually danced around my front room. I then had to wait for Nick to come home from work to tell him the news and my stomach was doing flips all day. I remember when he walked through the door I just had the biggest smile on my face, I showed him the pregnancy test and squealed "Happy Anniversary!"

I feel so happy and nostalgic today. I love my little family. 


  1. Happy double anniversary! I remember two years ago like yesterday xx

  2. Happy double anniversary and here is to many more to come (maybe not double ones as you might not want the biggest family in the world)

  3. This is so sweet, happy double anniversary! Xx

  4. Huge congratulations lovely, 7 years together and 2 years of Noah in some way or another. Here's to many more years x

  5. Sounds perfect! Was obviously all meant to happen. Here's to the next 7 years! Xx