Project 365 - Week 11 - 11/52

Here we are again, another week of 365. We've had a great week this week, getting out and about even in the pouring down rain. Here are some of the photo's from my week, all of Noah! I think I should rename my version to Noah 365! 

March 8th - 14th / Week 11

Sunday funday! I spent most the day cooking, cleaning and blogging whilst Noah spent the afternoon with his Nanna.

We started the week off with a trip to play group. It was a bit of a dramatic morning! Once we finally got to play group Noah had done a poo so I had to change him. He would lay down to be changed so I had to try and change him whilst he was standing which was so hard work! Poo was going everywhere and he was trying to walk about. I was getting flustered and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse the fire alarm goes off! I then had to try and put his nappy on quickly whilst being evacuated out of the building! Thankfully after all that we had a lovely morning at group. Noah was so independent (which isn't like him) and I didn't know what to do with myself. He was being really good with the other babies and toddlers and loved playing with all the play foods. When the session ended we had the soft play room to ourselves, it was so much fun. 

How could I resist taking a photo of Noah sleeping. Here he is snuggling up to Burt who we made at Build a Bear last weekend. 

Noah's swimsuit arrived for our trip to Bluestone next week. I had my eye on this little Finding Nemo number for months and I could not resist trying it on him. It's the cutest thing  have ever seen. 

I took a set of photo's of Noah on Thursday as he turned 16 months old and I couldn't help but just stare at this photo. Where did my baby go? He is looking so grown up. 

Friday afternoon's Daddy finishes work early so we decided to go shopping. Here is what Noah thinks about shopping, the face says it all. 

Saturday was action packed. We went to the park, for a walk, to soft play and went shopping too. Noah had a blast as per usual. I love our family time at the weekends. 

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  1. I love "the dude" jumper, how cool is that. sleeping photos are always ones to be treasured, just makes you go aaaa xx

  2. Haha I love the Nemo swimsuit! It is very scary how quickly they grow up, enjoy x

  3. That swimsuit is utterly gorgeous! And who doesn't love a sleeping child photo - so very cute x

  4. That swimsuit is amazing!! I want one

  5. Aww - The Nemo swimsuit is adorable! ♡ x x

  6. Ha ha! Bottoms up! ;) We have Trunki Paddle Paks similar to that swimsuit! x