Noah - 18 Months Old

My baby boy is no longer a baby, he's well into toddler hood. He is now 18 months old, 1 and a half! I find this insane, time has just flown by.


His character obviously doesn't change month to month but different aspects of his personality change and take control. Noah is such a funny boy, always wanting to make you smile and laugh. He's very loving, gentle and caring but is also stubborn and feisty when he wants to be too! He's a lot like me in many ways but still so much like Nick too. He's such a little character.


Noah is still wearing 12-18 month clothes but is now venturing into some 18-24 months too. People always comment on how tall he is but I don't think he is because surely if he was he would be in bigger trousers if he was? I know that sounds daft but it makes sense to me! I weighed him on our scales lately and he weighed 1st 9lb! He wears a size 4 shoe. 

He's been fine on the health front, a wheeze here and there but that's all. Last month he cut 3 premolars all at once and they are still coming through. So he currently has those cutting through and also another two too, a front tooth and another premolar. So that's 12 teeth he has now!

Noah still pretty much eats anything you put in front of him and we find ourselves very fortunate for that. He has two 10oz bottles of milk both morning and night, sometimes he has a 6oz bottle in the afternoon. He's on three meals a day and usually has a snack in the afternoon too. His favourite foods are cheese, raisins, apple, lasagne, pasta, carrots, peas.. I could go on.  

I touch wood because he's been fine for a while now. He sleeps a solid 12 or 13 hours through the night and has a two hour nap in the afternoon. I have to say I'm dreading him cutting out his nap. It's lovely to have a bit of a break during the day while they nap. A hot cup of tea and your feet up, bliss. 

Noah knows around 20+ words now and a new one from this month is CAR! He says "car car" and pronounces it "CAA CAAR!" He has also learnt to say baby too which is insanely cute. I find it so fascinating how they decide what words they want to learn and which they don't. For example he can say words like Teddy or Baby but he hasn't sussed out to say ta! I think that's intentional, ha ha. 

Milestones and new tricks

Noah could dance before he could crawl or walk and it's always consisted of bopping up and down. This month he has broadened his horizons when it comes to his dancing as he now sways side to side and alters his dance to the type of music that's on! 

He has also been able to kiss for a good year but now he makes a big pucker noise when he does it, mwaah. 

He will wipe his hands and face with a wipe if you ask him to.

He knows how to txt. Of course he can't spell anything but he presses the screen to form words and then instructs me to send it! 

He's finally climbing! He's never really had an interest in climbing and apparently didn't think it was worth the energy. He is only just starting to try and he likes to stand on different things. 

He now makes a "Brmmm" noise when playing with toy cars. 

When I say "Awww" he will pretend to cradle a baby, rock the baby and say awww too. 


Dancing. He's always been a dancer and learnt to groove before he could crawl or walk. If he hears a beat, he dances!

CARS! This boy is car mad. He has never been interested in any other toy like he is with cars. It has to be the die cast ones too! 

Going out. Noah loves being outside and as soon as you mention that we are going out he will go and get his shoes.

Thomas the Tank Engine. He loves watching Thomas and will dance to the theme tune. My brother used to like the show when we were kids and I despised it then and I'm not a fan now, haha.

Pointing out different things in books or on his plate so that I tell him what they are.

Foot massages. He will ask me for a foot massage by shoving his foot on my lap and pointing at his feet.

Pretending to drive Daddy's car.

The cats. The first thing he mentions when he wakes up in the morning are the cats. "Teddy? Baby?" So sweet.

Nanna and his cousin Tristan. I think they are both his best friends.

Trumping! He will force his wind out and then laugh his head off!  


Having to go inside after a walk.
Getting out the bath.
Being told no. 

Brushing his teeth.
Yollies advert. 

I will part with this little gem of a photo! 


  1. It makes me so sad our babies are definitely toddler now! Haha I love how he forces toots- too funny! Indies just started climbing too, not a milestone I'm enjoying xx

  2. 18 months already!! Paige dropped her naps then, it was a very sad time haha. I'm hoping Parker lasts longer. I need to meet Noah soon!!!!!!!! Xx

  3. Such a big boy! I think that a lot of times, toddlers can seem tall when they're slender. My girls have ALWAYS been short. There's exactly one child in their year at school who's shorter than the smaller of my twins. Happy half birthday, and thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  4. He looks adorable so happy and smiley xx