Project 365 - Week 20 - 20/52

10th May - 16th May / Week 20

We had a lovely Sunday in the sun. We went on a very long walk through the woods and had to take Noah to the swings.

Monday we both slept in and missed playgroup so we had a lazy morning and then spent the afternoon at the park. Noah ended up befriending all the kids that were a good 7 years older than him. He ran off and left me behind! 

Tuesday Noah turned 1 and a half, I can't believe it! My Mum came to visit and we spent the day together laughing and joking. It was a great day.

The sun made an appearance on Wednesday so we went on a little adventure.

The butterfly finally emerged out of the chrysalis and I felt so happy! He had lived in my porch for two weeks and he finally transformed. I left him in the porch for the majority of the day so his wings could fully dry and then I released him in the allotments at the end of my road. 

Friday I met up with an old friend and we spent the afternoon with our little ones. It was the first time I had met her daughter and the first time she had met Noah. There is exactly a year between them and they were so brilliant with one another. 

Saturday we visited Noah's Great Grandparents house for a meal and early birthday celebrations. We always have the best of times with Nan and Granddad. They are both one in a million.


  1. Lots of lovely outdoor photos. Love the second to last photo, so sweet x

  2. We are doing a butterfly world experiment and have just got two butterflys- how exciting you got one in the porch!

  3. Those net climbing things scare me . Lovely butterfly picture

  4. lovely photos and such a gorgeous little boy

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Wow Noah is one and a half? That has flown x #project365

  6. Noah's little face on that swing is gorgeous :)