Project 365 - Week 22 - 22/52

                                                                                       24th May - 30th May / Week 21

Sunglasses are perfect attire for the bath don't you know?! Noah spent the afternoon at his Nanna's while Nick and I spent the day doing chores and sorting the house. A usual Sunday for us! 

Bank Holiday Monday didn't bring us any sun but Nick was off work so that was great! We had a day at the park and Noah has a new found love for slides and really enjoyed going down on his belly!

My very kissy boy giving me a bit smoochy kiss after his afternoon nap! Nothing better than a kiss off your child. I'm enjoying them while I can!

I stumbled across this photo on my phone. How lovely is it?

I asked Noah to give Mickey a kiss and this is what I got. He is such a sweetie pie when he wants to be!

How gorgeous is Baby? We love our cats!

Saturday we decided to go to IKEA to buy some more things for the house. What seemed like a good idea at the time turned into a nightmare as Noah absolutely hated every second of it. He is usually great wherever we take him but he just wasn't in the mood. He has a cold, is teething and hasn't been sleeping well because of it so I think it was that more than anything. Next time Nick and I will go on our own and let him have fun with one of his Grandparents houses I think! We did manage to buy a lot of items for the house but also managed to not buy the majority of the things we actually went for! 


  1. I love the idea of Ikea and I should love the store but I got so lost and confused that I now dread it lol

  2. Lovely pics. I love the photo of him sucking Mickey's nose! :)

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