Mummy & Me - May

May has come and gone already, in the blink on an eye! It's been a funny old month. In May we are usually guaranteed at least two weeks of sun but the weather has been terrible most of the time here in the North. It's almost like we had our Summer in April? Anyway, less of the rambling.

This month I have had many photo's taken with Noah but this is my favourite. It was taken last weekend when we attended the Geronimo Festival. I love animals and long before I had Noah I knew I wanted my child to love, respect and care for animals just like we do. It's one of those values that I think every child should be taught and shown at a young age. Our hard work and persistence is certainly paying off as Noah is such a animal lover and is so thoughtful and gentle with them despite only being 18 months old. I think we have a young David Attenborough in the making!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Lovely photo and lovely post too. I feel the same way as you do about animals and about raising Ethan and his soon to be little brother to respect and love them too. x

  2. I feel exactly the same about children and animals, it's so important! Noah looks so mesmerised be the snake, such a lovely photo xx

  3. I totally agree with raising kids to love and respect animals... but there's no way you'd get me anywhere near that snake!! xx

    Beautiful photo though xxx

  4. How brave are you?! Hehe. Very much agree with teaching children, not sure im brave enough to hold a snake though. Thanks for linking up x