How well do your children eat?

Today I thought I would write all about Noah and his eating habits.

From the very start of our weaning journey we have continuously introduced new foods to our son. I think that the variety of tastes, textures, colours have played a big role in how he eats today. Persistence is key too. If they turn their nose up at it once then try offering it again further down the line. 

On a whole (and at the moment) Noah is a good eater. He loves fruit and vegetables, his favourites being strawberries and carrots. He will usually try anything that you put in front of him which makes meal times easy and rather stress free.

That being said if he's grumpy, unwell or teething then it can be a struggle to get him to eat anything. He will tend to just pick at his meal, whine about it and then throw it all on the floor! 

I recently came across this
infographic from My Voucher Codes and I think it shares some interest facts and statistics on children's eating habits and parents feeding habits. Did you know what 67% of parents let their children choose what they want to eat? 

At the moment Noah doesn't choose what he eats, we eat as a family most of the time and he loves his vegetables. I pray it stays this way but I'm not counting my chickens just yet because children are temperamental little things!

How well do your children eat? 



  1. Matthew is a cheeky monkey. He eats anything in creche. At home he can be picky. But I just tell him he can't have certain things or dessert if he doesn't eat it.

  2. Gosh we will be choosing what M is eating until she is old enough to make her own dinner (of course we will ask her some times but on the whole we will make what we are making). When I was brought up we were served a plate of food and we ate it. If we didn't we went hungry, M will be the same.

  3. Oliver sort of chooses what he eats. I give him options for breakfast and lunch and he chooses. But dinner is what I've planned. If he doesn't like it then he can have toast/crumpet/porridge and he asks for fruit or various snacks in the day. He gets most things he asks for, but that's because he asks for mainly healthy food.

    I try not to make food a big deal, we teach what is good/bad for us and never call anything a treat, there are never conditions of 'you must eat x mouthfuls to have dessert'. And we ask him to try things but it's ok if he doesn't like it. I've had food issues, I don't want that for my child.

    We did blw and always eat together. I think that's the most important part of a meal tbh. A child learns best from what they see not what they're told. I couldn't expect Oliver to eat healthily if I didn't eat with him or ate rubbish.

  4. Mia will pretty much eat anything but Elliw is really fussy! She will happily go without lunch and tea! But she is fine eating biscuits, chocolate etc which doesn't make sense because i don't feed her junk! :( Really stresses me out!