Noah - 19 Months Old

Every month his little persona just grows and grows. Everyone always comments on what a character he is and it always makes me smile because they don't even know half of it. He is generally a very social, caring, happy and smiley boy and he really makes every day a pleasure. That being said he certainly knows his own mind, is stubborn and a little mischievous when he wants to be! 

He hasn't moved up fully in clothes just yet and is still wearing a combination of 12-18 month and 18-24 months. Still a size 4 in shoes too.

Nothing to report on the health front as everything has been okay. He currently has 12 teeth and I think more are on the horizon. 

Noah has been a lot more picky this month. Not as in picky with what he wants to eat but rather than wolfing his food down he's been leaving more and just picking at it. He still has 2 bottles of milk a day and sometimes even one in the afternoon too. He loves his milk and I'm glad that he still enjoys it.

We've had a few nights where Noah hasn't wanted to settle but thankfully he's back to usual now. He normally has a two hour nap in the afternoon at around 1pm and he usually goes to bed at night at 8pm. Most mornings he doesn't wake up till 9am! I am very lucky that he enjoys his sleep. 

Noah's new words this month are GO and STRAWBERRIES! 
He knows roughly 20+ words but he will only say them when he wants to and I'm trying to encourage him to use them more often. His favourite word is Teddy and he says that almost as much as he does Mama. 

Milestones and new tricks

Understanding. He seems to understand literally everything I say these days. A couple of days ago I pointed to a pack of wipes and asked him to get them and to wipe his face. To by disbelief he did just that!

Running. Of course he's been able to run for a while but he can run REALLY fast now and it scares me a little!

He can now point out his head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, belly, boobies, bum, winky, hands and feet! I think he's really clever! 

He always helps me to dress himself and will try to brush his hair himself. 


Being outside. He would live outside if I let him! If he's spent a few hours every day outside in the fresh air then you know he's going to be one happy little chap.

Kissing! He loves to give kisses to everyone and everything! 

Die cast cars. He is still obsessed with his cars and he is amassing quite the collection.

Tidying up! Yes you read correctly, Noah likes to tidy up. I always involve Noah in tidying up his toys and he really enjoys being included, especially when he gets praise and a round of applause!

In The Night Garden. He has always liked the odd TV show every now and again but he's never enjoyed one like he has with ITNG. As soon as it comes on he gets all excited and his little face lights up.


Animals. He loves our cats, the neighbours dogs, ducks, birds. Any animal he is fascinated with. He is so gentle with our cats too and it makes me so proud of him. I am always on hand to make sure he is being gentle with them and I've very rarely had to correct him.

Water play. He isn't really a fan of messy or sand play but the exception is water play. We were recently sent a water table to review and he adores it.


Coming in from a walk. When he knows we are going back in he will sometimes throw a hissy fit which usually entails him throwing himself on the floor and crying like he's heartbroken.

Having his face wiped and his teeth brushed.

Being told no. 


  1. What a jolly little character!

  2. He's adorable! Wow, he sleeps so well, I'm lucky if Lizzy sleeps 11 hrs at night! (from 8ish til 7 with an hr and a half Afternoon nap) #twinklytuesday


  3. Aww he's adorable, and doing so well! You are very lucky he's such a great sleeper :)

  4. What a cutie pie! "Strawberry" is a very important word to know! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

  5. Hehe. He looks like a real little character.

  6. hahahah such a cute character...
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