Little Tikes Fish 'n' Splash Water Table

With Summer just around the corner we have been eagerly anticipating the sunshine and have been excitedly preparing for it's arrival. We've been prepping the garden at the new house and have been deliberating over what garden toys to buy. Noah has just turned 19 months old so it's the first year he's been able to enjoy garden activities so we can't wait!

We were recently sent the Little Tikes Fish N Splash Water Table to review and it couldn't of come at a better time. I was so excited to show it to Noah because he does love a good splash!   

The water table arrived in a rather large yet light box. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the table was to set up, we had it up and ready in a matter of minutes. 

As soon as Noah spotted the water table he headed straight for it and dove in. I didn't even have time to roll his sleeves up as he was so eager to dive in and play. 

The water table costs £49.99 (Currently on special offer at £39.99 online.)
Minimum assembly required but comes with an easy to read manual.
Recommended age 2 year and onwards.

Holds up to 30 litres of water.
Can also be used as a sand table.
Included are 10 accessories; a fishing rod, net, cups, turtle, fish, frog, a crab. 

What we liked-
The water table was so easy to assemble, which was a huge plus for Nick and I. We are usually terrible at trying to put anything together but thankfully this was almost fun to put together. 

The product is bold, bright and attractive to the eye. It's also sturdy, well made and easy to move.

I like how it's a toy that is going to grow with my child. He is 19 months now and although he can't hook a fish yet he will in time and I can see him having many years of fun with it.

We all loved the different accessories that were included, they made the water table so much more fun. They were a nice addition.

Noah just loves it in it's entirety! He spent a good half an hour stood there splashing about. This is pretty incredible considering he has a very short attention span!

What we didn't like-
The water fountain and spinning Lilly pad is a good idea and an attractive feature but for some reason it wouldn't spin very well. I don't know if this is how it's supposed to work but we couldn't get it to spin very well.

Another little niggle we have is that the legs cannot be removed from the tray once it's been assembled. This of course isn't a huge problem but it would of been nice to be able to dismantle come autumn to save on storage space.

All in all we were all a fan of this product. As you can see by the photo's Noah had an absolute blast splashing about and pouring the water all down himself. The Fish 'n' Splash water table is certainly going to be enjoyed this Summer and will be treasured for years to come.

-We were sent this product for the pupose of this review however all opinions are my own. 


  1. Aww cute photos. My little boy would love one of these. I definitely think I need to get him one for the garden. Thanks for sharing your review.

  2. This looks fab - a lot more entertaining that most bog standard water tables.

    Noah looks well into it. Such a cutie. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. That looks like such a great garden toy and he clearly loves it! Every child needs to play with water in the summer x

  4. This looks seriously awesome! Noah seems to love it! xx

  5. This looks great, and being on legs so little ones can stand up to play is great! I'd agree with you though, it would be better if the legs detached for storage.

  6. Thanks for a great review, this looks fab, my kids would love it :)

  7. How adorable! Fab price as well, if I can still find it for that price I think I will look at it for Charlotte who hasn't got to experience the delight of a water table yet! :D X

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