Project 365 - Week 24 - 24/52

7th June - 13th June / Week 24

Sunday Nick and I had a little bit of time to ourselves while Noah was at his Nanna's. We did a little DIY and then went for a lovely walk around a lake that is local to us. How beautiful? 

Monday was a usual Monday. Noah slept in and we missed playgroup. This meant we had a lazy day playing puzzles, cuddling and reading books. 

Here is Noah blowing kisses to me on Tuesday morning. 

On Wednesday I met up with a friend and her son Emilio. There is only 10 weeks difference between them both, Noah being the younger one and it's lovely to see them together. We went for a stroll in the sun and has a picnic on the grass.

On Thursday I decided to take Noah on another super long walk in the sun and for a picnic in the park. When the weather is so nice it's almost a crime not to! On days like this I am so grateful that I am able to spend every day at home with Noah. I sat there on the bench with Noah and had a smile on my face. Bliss.

On Friday our soil and lawn arrived so we could start the work on our front garden. With all the renovating that we have been doing this had been the last on our list. Noah helped water the soil before we laid the grass and he loved helping out. The lawn is now down but we have to wait for three weeks for it to knit before we can step foot on it. 

Saturday is family outing day and we took Noah to a big nature park that is local to us. Nature parks are one of the benefits of living in Lancashire as there is always countryside and nature right on your door step. This particular park had a lake, boat rides, a play park and even a steam train. We didn't take any money with us so next time we go we will be taking a boat and train ride, both of which will be firsts for Noah! 


  1. Looks like a lovely little week. Shorts on, sun out and what's not to like?!

  2. Lovely photos! Noah is such a cutie x

  3. That lake looks amazing, would love to have that on my doorstep #365

  4. that lake is gorgeous and so wonderful to have it on your doorstep

  5. Love all of these photos, sounds like a lovely week! the lake is stunning! #project365