Project 365 - Week 25 - 25/52

14th June - 20th June / Week 25

Sunday was spent as usual, a morning with Mummy and Daddy. Then my Mum came to take Noah out for lunch. This boy is always in such demand! Nick and I made the most of the freetime by doing DIY and a few jobs around the house.

Monday it was time for playgroup. We were half an hour late but we made it and we met up with friends too. Noah always has a blast when we are there and I really think it has helped with his confidence. A few months ago he would of cried if a stranger spoke to him and would literally cling to me. Nowadays he's fine and as soon as we arrive he runs off to play with the other children and parents. 

Starting him young! He's obsessed with the dishwasher!

On Wednesday it was Nick's 29th birthday! My Mum came round to visit us during the day and then when Nick came home from work I cooked up a big roast dinner to celebrate! Fab day. 

Thursday was the start of my cold and I felt absolutely dreadful. Noah's Nan actually offered to take him for the afternoon to give me a little break which I really needed. I think he had a ball while he was there. She said he was playing outside most of the day with the dogs, her Goddaughter and his Granddad. It was nice for him to have a little change of scenery too I think! 

Friday was such a miserable day. We ended up getting ready to go for a walk and it was cold and drizzly but we still went out. How is it that my toddler is wearing a winter hat and coat in June?!

Today, Saturday I feel like the world most rubbish Mum. I'm asbolutely smothered in a cold, aching and feel so sick. I've had limited contact with Noah because I really don't want him to catch it so Nick has been watching him most of the day. Naturally, this makes me feel guilty but I just really needed some time. I sat in the bathroom with the shower on hot just so the steam could clear my sinuses. I've had it a few days now so I'm hoping it's going to pass soon. Urgh.

Have you had a good week? 


  1. hope youre feeling better soon, lovely that your son can pop over to his nannas for a bit of fun while you rest

  2. I love the photo with the cat.