Cloth Nappy Q&A

I was pretty late to using cloth nappies but at the end of last year I decided to finally make the switch. Since ditching the disposibles I have not looked back and I really kick myself for not trying them sooner, better late than never! 

First off let me say that I am by no means an expert when it comes to cloth and I am still learning something new everyday but that hasn't stopped me wanting to put together a little Q&A type post. I love talking about real nappies and I want to share some of the tips that I have picked up a long the way. 

Over the past week or so I have been sourcing all types of different cloth related questions from various social media channels. Remember I am by no means an expert and these are just my opinions, what I have done, do and what has worked for us.

I'm thinking of using cloth nappies, what should I do first?
My advice to anyone who is thinking about using cloth nappies is to buy one or two nappies to begin with. I say this because you may like the idea of reusable nappies but once you are using them they might not be for you. Give it a trial run first and then if you love using them and it works for you then buy more.

What do you need to get started?
I would say you need around 15 nappies if you intend to wash every other day. This means you would need around 30 inserts too if you have decided to go for pocket nappies (some nappies have inserts included, others don't) You will need a nappy bin too to store the soiled nappies. There's so much more than you can buy but this will set you up nicely in the beginning.

What was the first nappy you bought?
I took my own advice and bought a couple of internet cheapies first. The first I bought was this super cute white minky number from Dudeybaba. It's a pocket nappy which came with an insert to pop inside. 

What is your favourite brand of nappy?
Out of the ones I have tried I would have to say my absolute favourite is Bambino Mio, their Miosolo's in particular. I not only love the designs but I love that they are an all in one nappy (AIO) which means that the insert is actually stitched onto the nappy which makes stuffing and washing so much easier.

What type of nappy do you use and why?
I use a mix of all in one and pocket nappies both in popper fastening and velcro. I have both because I started off with pocket nappies with poppers to begin with as they are they are they are great starter nappies and probably the cheapest too. I recently started using all in one nappies and have to admit I do prefer them over pockets.

How many nappies do you have in total? 
The last time I counted I had 35 and my stash mainly consists of Bambino Mio, Baba+Boo, Dudeybaba and Tiny Nippers. Considering I have only been using cloth nappies for a few months I think that's a good start! It's more than enough now but I can't help but buy more. 

Do you have a wash routine?
Every two days I put all the soiled nappies, inserts, liners and wipes (everything in my nappy bin) into the washing machine. First of all I put them on a cold rinse, sometimes twice. Then I wash on 40oc or 60oc for 2.5 hours with a scoop of non bio. Once the cycle has finished I then give the nappies an extra cold rinse. To dry them I put everything on a clothes horse and they usually dry within 24 hours. Then they are ready for stuffing!   

How do you deal with the poo?
Just like I would with a disposable but I simply put the poo in the toilet and flush! I don't need to touch anything, it usually just falls straight into the water or I just use a bit of tissue. There is some huge misconception about cloth nappies and poo. It's always one of the first questions I am asked and I don't see the big deal. You don't touch wee or poo any more or any less than you would with a disposable nappy.

If you are considering using cloth nappies or are wanting to switch I say give it a go! What's there to lose?! 


  1. Fab post Jenna, with some really helpful tips about using cloth.Thank you!

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  3. Thanks, this is really useful. I'm definitely considering making the change

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