My Changing Bag Essentials

I know that these type of posts aren't for everyone but I personally love them. There's something I find very enjoyable about peeking into someone's changing bag and seeing what they travel with. Do they pack lightly or are they like me and pack everything and the kitchen sink?

Noah is now 20 months old and I can usually get away with packing lightly but on days out I certainly need to make sure I take everything that we might need. It's better safe than sorry as it would be just my luck that the one item I forgot would be the one item that we need.

Above you will see my ultimate essentials and nothing more as I didn't want to include that half eaten pack of wotsits or those three odd socks that have been lurking in the deep dark corners of my changing bag for the last two weeks! I'll spare you that much! 

My Changing Bag Essentials.

We use reusable nappies so I always pack a couple with a wet bag and resuable wipe pouches. A spare pair of shoes, hat, spare clothes, bibs, dummy, water bottle and bubbles! Then of course my bits and pieces such as my purse, phone and lip balm. 

Last but certainly not least I have to mention packing snacks and lots of them. Snacks are vital for days out with a toddler or young child and is probably my number one essential. Noah's favourite snacks at the moment are Raisins, Pasquiers Brioche, cheese and apple. 
Noah loves snack time so we make sure we pack a different variety of foods on our trips out and always have something on hand. No one wants to see a toddler when he's "Hangry!"

What are your handbag essentials? 

- This is a PR collaboration. 


  1. Funny that your bag doesn't contain my number 1 essential - a muslin cloth. Suitable for all sorts of spills, dribbles, snotty noses, milky puke and if in dire need can be used as a nappy with the outer shell of a reusable as a cover.

  2. Love your bag! I always need to bring wet wipes with me, wherever I go!