Project 365 - Week 30 - 30/52

19th July - 25th July / Week 30

Noah usually goes to visit his Nanna on a Sunday but we've decided to alternate it now so then it's not all the time. Sunday we took Noah to soft play and he had an absolute whale of a time. I even got in the ball pit with him! 

Monday was a funny old day and we totally missed playgroup as Noah had a rough night and then slept in. I didn't feel like rushing around like a headless chicken so we had a nice chilled out day instead. 

I felt guilty that we didn't go to playgroup on Monday so I decided to take Noah to Stay and Play on Tuesday. Trust us to turn up and be the only one's there! It didn't stop us having fun and I dressed him up in a few outfits. Here he is as Dr Kelly! Ha ha. Nick met us there after he finished work and then we went out for a carvery for tea.

Wednesday my Mum and Sister came to visit for the day. The weather was dreadful so there wasn't much we could do. We took Noah to a sensory room for an hour or so and then went for a walk. The raspberry bush near the allotments on our street had finally started to fruit so I've picked a punnet here and there. Noah wolfed them down and ate so many that his nappies smelt of them! 

The weather has been dreadful for most of the week. Where has summer gone? This has led to us having numerous rainy day activities. What's a raining day without a Teddy Bears picnic?

I love our Friday afternoon's when Nick finishes at lunch. We have a bite to eat together and then go out just the three of us. 

Saturday we did our usual. Went for a nice long walk, a trip to the park and then we visited family and had a cheeky takeaway! We didn't get up to anything extraordinary this week but it's been fun none the less. 

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Love the tea party, it looks like great fun and something that The Boy used to love doing.

  2. some lovely quality family time there, I'm glad my days of ball pits are over, i usually spent more time in them trying to get out than the kids did