An Expanding Home for an Expanding Family

Last year was a big year for us as a family and if you read the blog you will already know why. We worked very hard and were fortunate enough to climb out of the renting rut and jump straight onto the property ladder. After renting for 6 years we had finally bought our first home.  

We viewed a few dozen properties before we realised we had found the one that was right for us. Unfortunately the house that we fell in love with wasn't a new build or a house that was in good condition it was one that needed a lot of work and this had it's pro's and con's. 

The downside was that we couldn't just move in straight away and had to move in with relatives. Then we had months and months of renovating ahead of us. Once you ticked one job off the list another three had appeared and at times it felt like we weren't getting anywhere fast. The renovation of course was tiring, stressful and very expensive too. 

The positive side of having to start from scratch is that our home is exactly how we envisioned and wanted it to be. Every single aspect has been chosen by us. From the colour of the carpet in each room through to the colour of the grout on our bathroom tiles. Everything has been hand picked and this makes our home very personal to us. 

12 long and gruelling months later and the renovation has been completed. Once we had moved in that sense of accomplishment was overwhelming and it felt like a weight had been lifted. It still doesn't feel real that we have our very own home but we do.

That being said we are now drawing up plans for renovation phase two where we will be expanding into the attic and installing a home security system. Our home is going to turn in to a building site once again because we are building into the attic! The thought of a hole in our roof is a very frightening prospect but every expanding family needs a home that can expand too. 

Have you renovated an attic? Do you have any tips for us?


  1. Lucky you, you had some relatives around. I don't know anyone around here. me and hubby moved here 10 years ago and fingers crossed we can mortgage a house within next couple of years. x

  2. The house looks really good after all the renovation you did. Really lucky. Mruga