What to Look for in a Washing Machine

You need a washing machine. You probably expect that all washing machines are quite straightforward. However, contemporary washing machines, developed with cutting-edge technology, feature a whole host of functions and settings that can truly change your life. When selecting a washing machine, it’s important to know and understand what you should look for, and to choose a high quality, reliable machine that will last you for many years.

1. Front or top loader?

One of the key, fundamental questions you need to think about is whether a front loader washing machine or a top loader, is most appropriate given the space you have available and your overall needs. Today, many people opt for front loader machines because they are less costly to run in the long-term, are usually better suited to smaller spaces, generally have the benefits of being more water and energy efficient, are more gentle on clothes, and often have a more comprehensive range of settings.

2. Quality

Regardless of whether you prefer a front or top loader, seek out the best quality washing machine from a manufacturer with plenty of experience. Companies like ASKO have in-depth information on their website that lays out relevant things such as experience, commitment to the environment and product updates. Click here for more information.

3. Energy efficiency

Look at the energy star label, which should be shown on all washing machines. This label should show capacity, kw water consumption and noise emission measurements. If purchasing a model that went on the market from December 2013 onwards, the machine should have an A+ energy rating.

4. Features that parallel your needs

Naturally, the more features a washing machine has, the more you can expect to pay. However, there are many washing machine functions that can make your life so much easier, while effectively protecting and caring for your clothes. You can expect to find settings related to the fibre of the clothes, water temperature and spin rate on most washing machines. Consider whether features including fast, hand and baby wash cycles, half wash, heavy duty, minimum iron and child locks will be useful to you.

5. Delay timer

One of the best washing machine features that is useful to so many households is the delay timer. With energy being so expensively priced, this feature is ideal for ensuring that you run your washing machine in a cheap or off-peak electricity tariff period and/or to be timed with your return home. This will help you to minimise the amount of time that wet clothes are left sitting inside the machine.

It definitely pays to consider and evaluate the features and benefits of different washing machines before deciding on the model that best suits the needs of your household. It’s nevertheless important to choose a machine produced by a credible and high quality manufacturer, as buying a washing machine is an investment and your asset should serve you well for as long as possible.
What other features do you think should appear on this list? Leave your answers in the comments section below.


  1. To be honest I don't think I wold go for a lesser known brand - it is difficult to find parts if/when something breaks

  2. Good points - I hadn't even thought about a delay timer, but would be so useful!

  3. Good post. Our washing machine died a few days ago so I'm on the search for a new one.

  4. Great points and things to think about

  5. My washing machine has all of these, but is due a replacement, it makes the clothes smell if it isn't emptied straight away, we have had it 4 years and it is on constantly so has served us well xxx