Choosing the Right Bed for Your Growing Child

Moving your toddler from a cot or cot bed to their first junior or single bed is an exciting transition. With a wide selection of cheap cabin beds, toddler beds and single beds out there, how do you decide which to buy? 

When to Make the Transition
There’s no right and wrong answer here, and you should take the lead from your child. If they are sleeping well through the night, you could make the transition earlier. If your child is bigger than average, you may need to make the transition early on if necessity. Sleep experts tend to agree, however, that by 36 months children should have a proper bed and mattress. 

Which Bed Type?
Kids grow, as we all know, but if yours is a particularly fast grower, it may make sense to skip the toddler-sized bed and go straight for a single or cabin bed. The benefit of a toddler bed is that it’s close to the floor, so if your child wakes a lot it’s a safer option, although any bed can be fitted with a safety guard. If you have a second or third baby on the way, then a toddler bed might be a great idea, as it can be used for the next child, saving you money in the future.

Sometimes it’s about looking at the space you have; small bedrooms are well served by cheap cabin beds which provide play and storage room underneath. Cabin beds are also ideal for kids that need to be ‘sold’ when it comes to bedtime; exciting features such as play tents, tunnels and slides can transform a bed to a faraway adventureland. You don’t need to pay a fortune for a bed, and online retailers can often pass on the savings. However, invest your money in a decent mattress; a good night’s sleep can be dependent on it. 

Involve Your Child 
A good idea is to involve your child, making the transition easier. Once you’ve done some research into what is the right sort of bed, show your child some that are within your budget. That way they’ll feel as if they’ve chosen, but in fact you’ve pre-approved them all. Don’t stop at the bed either; let them choose some new sheets, a new bedtime toy and a lamp. Take the lead from your child and look at the space you have and your bed needs over the next few years. Then involve your child in the decision-making process as much as you, and make a big fuss about the grown-up bed, resulting in a happy transition for everyone. Ready to make the transition? 

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