Noah - 21 Months Old

This month Noah has certainly been testing his boundaries more. He's starting to have little tantrums here and there which so far I've been able to nip in the bud. It's usually when we have to come in from being outside or when we are leaving somewhere and he's not ready. I suppose it's just his frustrations and not knowing what to do when he doesn't get his own way. Other than that he's just his usual self. He's very funny, caring, silly, inquisitive, clumsy and very social. 


I think he's had a growth spurt lately as he seems taller to me. When standing next to children that are a good year older than him, he is taller. I think most people look at him and think he's about 2 and a half but he's still a baby. He seems a little stockier lately but he still has his gangly arms, haha. He wears mostly 18-24 months clothes but still fits in most 12-18 tops.

Noah had a cold this month but it was a short one thankfully and only lasted a couple of days. He still has 12 teeth but all 4 canines are currently cutting through at the same time. He's managing it well but he has been a bit off his food because of it. 

As mentioned above he's been a bit hit and miss when it comes to his food this month which is unlike him. I think it's because of his teeth and hopefully he will eat as normal once they finally come through. 

Sleep wise he's been fine, his usual. He usually sleeps 8-8 or 8-9 and has a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. He now sleeps with a duvet and pillow but is still in his cot as he's still comfortable in there. No rush to convert into toddler bed while he's still happy. 

He has learnt lots of new words this month; bear, ball, park, moon, bubble to name a few. I find it interesting to see which he's interested in learning and which he isn't. He hasn't put two words together yet but we did think he said "Dada car car" the other day, not to sure though.

Milestones and new tricks
He attempts to say so many more words now.

Noah now says "nee naw nee naw" when he spots a police car, ambulance or fire engine.

He now sleeps with a duvet. 

When he see's dancing on TV he now tries to copy the actions. 

Favourite things this month

Tractors, fire engines, ambulances, lorries, vehicles! The park. Stickers, books, magazines. Babies and other children. Playgroup! Dancing, jumping, running really fast! Baking, arts and crafts, play doh. Hide and seek. Cbeebies. Teddy and Baby. 


  1. Aww he's grown so much in the last few months!!! Seems like such a little boy all of a sudden! xx

  2. He's so grown up! Jealous of your lie in haha xx

  3. Wow driving a tractor ! every little boys dream