Ella's Kitchen Superhero Range - Review

Ella's Kitchen recently expanded their fantastic range by introducing us all to their brand new range of superhero themed snacks. Though primarily aimed at 3-5 year olds I accepted the offer to review them as I knew that Noah would get a long with them fine. 

Let's start with the Smooshy Snacks! Ella's Kitchen are famous for their little pouches of scrummy goodness and although you may recognise these they are a little bit different! Representing one of your child's five a day the four varieties of smoothies feature not only a fruit ingredient but a vegetable one too! Aimed to show the older kids just how cool veggies are! 

The four flavours are; orange and carrot, apple and cucumber, strawberry and beetroot and orange and pumpkin. All of which contain organic produce and no preservatives. Noah has already sampled one of each and they've all been a big hit with him, especially the orange and carrot flavour. A multipack of 4 Smooshy Snacks cost £3.49 which I think is reasonable. 

Next up we have the Fruity Bars which are just that, fruit bars! They come in a selection of three different flavours; banana and raisin, pineapple and coconut and raspberry and mango. A box of 5 Fruity Bars costs £2.50. 

Not only are the fruit bars healthy and tasty but they also contain no nasties. Each bar is simply made from fruit, crisped rice, oats, barley and flaxseeds. Noah has always enjoyed his fruit and I knew that he would enjoy these too and he has. They are great for after dinner treats or as a snack and even better for packing in your handbag when out and about. 

I can safely say that both Noah and I are very impressed with the new range from Ella's Kitchen. We love the different flavour combinations and adore the cast of superhero cartoon characters which adorn all the packing. 

Ella's remain one of our favourite brands and the fact that they have now create snacks for older children makes me happy because now I know I can continue to buy them as Noah is getting older. Yippee! 

Have you tried the new range yet?

- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own. 


  1. I would love to purchase this for my kids to drink and enjoy at home and at school for their packed lunch. I tend to just stick with Capri-Sun and 5 Alive. But after seeing your review, I'm convinced. Thanks for the post!

  2. Michelle Cheeseman6 October 2015 at 17:16

    These look like a great way of encouraging the kids to eat healthier snacks! I know my Son would love to eat anything linked to being a Superhero!

  3. Haven't tried Markus with these yet but will be getting them on the shop next week.
    Any tips for help with the Smooshy snacks? Any pouch we've bought before, Markus squeezes and they go everywhere. I've tried everything I can think of, telling him helping & holding with him but he won't 'suck them up' if I'm helping. Or he blocks off the spout with his tongue!