Project 365 - Week 41 - 41/52

4th October - 10th October / Week 41

We took a spontaneous trip to Blackpool on Sunday as it's Noah's favourite place. If you ever ask him where he would like to go today he usually says Blackpool or park! We went to the arcades, had tea in the pirate restaurant and even had a paddle in the sea! It was a glorious day but the water was still cold. Noah absolutely loved being able to dip his feet in the sea though, it was his very first time doing so.

On Monday Noah and I had a very lazy day and played with trains, read some books and took some review photographs too. A very laid back sort of day.

This week should be named "The week my good sleeping toddler decided to never sleep again!" We've been having issues with him going to bed at night for the past two weeks now. He is fine come nap time but when it comes to going down at night he cries his eyes out. Us Mother's know the difference between fussy and whiny cries but this cry is sheer terror. As he's getting older and his imagination is developing he has realised he is scared to go to bed. He wouldn't even sleep in bed with us.

I won this book on twitter a few weeks ago and it only arrived at the most perfect time. We had tried everything to settle and to soothe Noah this week but he literally would only sleep if you stayed in the room until he nodded off. Sounds easy but by staying in the room with him he wouldn't sleep, so it's like catch 22. 

On Thursday, after roughly 10 hours sleep all week I decided to invest in Ewan the Dreamsheep. I wanted to buy one for Noah when he was newborn but opted for the Fisher Price Seahorse instead, bad move. We've only had Ewan a few days and we LOVE him. His soothing music really calms and soothe's Noah as he's winding down for the night. It also acts as a noise buffer when you are trying to sneak out the room! Can't recommend him enough. Going to be keeping him / buying another for any future babies we may have.

On Friday we decided to skip Noah's afternoon nap to see if it helped him sleep through the night. A long with a banana and milk before bed and Ewan it worked a treat. He fell asleep downstairs straight after we brushed his teeth. Skipping the nap helped but he was terribly crammed come tea time so he does still need it. Going to work on giving him an earlier nap in the day and see if that works.

On Saturday we visited one of our favourite places, Thornton Hall Farm. We all love it there, especially Noah as there is so much for him to do. It's a working farm so you are able to visit, handle and feed the animals. You can be driven around on tractors or on quad bikes. There's a little mini tractor race course for the little ones, a park, a cafe, a barn full of hay for the kids to climb on. It's excellent. Noah adores animals and when visiting the lambs he ran down the line of them stroking each one while saying "awwww!" So very cute!

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