5 Ways To Update Your House For Christmas

With only a couple of months until Christmas now is the time to start preparing your house for any extra guests, and ensure you aren’t worrying about the cold. It’s wise to make a start on the bigger renovation projects in the autumn while it’s still not too cold, before adding the finishing touches as the year progresses for a warm, (if not fireside) Christmas day with the family. 

Update Your Windows 
If you live in an older property, it might be worth taking the time this year to check your windows and consider upgrading them. In order to minimise heat escaping from your house, you should check the sealants and fixings on all glass windows and doors in your property, and repair them if needed, for which Barrier Components have a range of door and window glass hardware supplies. Otherwise, if you find your home unbearably cold in the winter, it’s worth upgrading your windows to double glazing, which magnifies sunlight entering your home. 

Insulate Your Loft 
Since heat rises, the next best thing to do to minimise heat loss from your home is to insulate your loft, as this will keep that precious warm air in. If you have concerns about asbestos in your property, be sure to get it tested before you commence work, but today’s insulation is very safe and effective, while allowing for storage space. This is also one home improvement that can actually add value to your home, by improving its energy efficiency rating - so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 

Clear That Clutter 
Between the madness of returning to school or from a summer holiday and Christmas, now’s the perfect time to do a quick declutter. Go through your wardrobe and put your summer clothes away until next year, retrieve your winter warmers and note any repairs or replacements; and have a good clean of your gutters and radiators to clear them of any blockage or fire risks. 

Hack Your Hallway 
This serves as the second step to your autumn cleaning - and ensure that the main rooms of your house stay nice and dry. By making a changing station in your hallway or front entrance, you can keep tidy and mud-free simply by having a coat hook for coats and hats, pockets for scarves and gloves, and a draining tray for sopping wet shoes. 

Finally, unpack and add some extra bits and pieces to make your home more cosy for the winter: fluffy blankets add texture and keep you warm, while candles with autumnal scents add a relaxing vibe perfect for Christmas. You’ll be ready to put tinsel up in no time.

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  1. Great ideas - I'm always itching to get cracking on Christmas the second the darker evenings draw in but end up with the nice bits over and done with and the less exciting 'chores' left to do, more often or not unfinished when the time comes (gave been meaning to paint a couple of areas in the lounge for about 3 years now..). This is a much more sensible approach - to do the proper prep so I can really go to town in December :) x