Protecting your roof in Winter

A few weeks ago we came home from a day out to a leak through our kitchen ceiling. The water was dripping through one of the lights and pooling in the centre of the kitchen floor. My instant reaction was panic! What has happened? Is it going to cost me a fortune? Up on future inspection we realised that the lead flashing on our kitchen roof had come loose and it was rain water that was coming through.

With this in mind and with winter approaching I thought I would put together a post of ways you can protect your roof, especially in winter.

Pay attention-

Every so often have a good look at your roof as it's easy to forget about it. Go our in your garden and look up, check all the gutters are clear so they do their job properly when it rains. I also look out the upstairs window down at my kitchen extension roof as it gives me a bird eye view of every nook and cranny. Last but not least we often get up on the roof ourselves to check up close for any wear and tear. 

Give it a little TLC every now and then as simple tasks can help take care of your roof. Keep your roof clean and free from any leaves, moss, and debris because not only does it not like nice but it also damages your roof over time and gives it less protection from the elements.

We bought our house last year and it needed a lot of work and hadn't been looked after properly in decades. The roof was one of the many issues we had to correct and we are still working on it. I was recently told that the roof or led flashing had no protective layer so we are currently looking into liquid coatings.

It really pays to have a qualified roofer come and inspect your roof before Winter hits. Like any household maintenance job it's important to catch problems just as they are starting as it reduces the risk of damage to your roof and will cost you less too.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

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