My Autumn Favourites

I have said goodbye to Summer and I'm now fully embracing the new season. Autumn is so underrated and sometimes I do think it's my favourite time of the year. I love the cooler mornings, the ever changing colour of the landscape and the crunch of the leaves under my feet.

I decided to put together a post of my Autumn favourites and what I've been loving lately as it's been a while since I wrote anything like this and it's something that I do enjoy putting together.

Baking -
For me baking is even more enjoyable this time of year. Perhaps it's because we are indoors a bit more than in the Summer months so we tend to bake a little bit more or perhaps because it's colder we enjoy the treats that little bit more?! Who knows but Noah loves to help me in the kitchen and we recently baked shortbread stars which went down a storm with the whole family.

Dokibook Planner -
My friend Nicola who blogs over at A Life Through My Eyes is addicted to planners and stationary and I have been following her planner Instagram with awe for a while now. In attempt to become more organised I recently purchased a dokibook planner and I cannot wait for it to arrive! 

New Boots - 
Autumn wouldn't be Autumn without a nice new pair of ladies boots. I'm not really a shoe sort of girl, give me a pair of boots over high heels any day! This is the type of style of boot that I always tend to go for in the colder months. Longer length with a sensible heel and a great grip.

Old El Paso - Stand and Stuff
The whole family have been raving about the new tortilla range from Old El Paso. The tortilla is shapes so that it can stand on it's own which makes preparing your wrap or taco that much easier! We made them this weekend with a fajita filling but next time we are going to use minced beef. Can't wait! 

Dior Hypnotic Poison -
I am addicted to perfumes, they are one of my vices! A quick spritz of a nice perfume can really pick my mood up and make me feel a little more glamorous. I recently won this perfume in a twitter competition and I did wonder if I would like it. I was already a fan of Dior perfumes but I usually opt for the gentle, floral scents and I knew this would be a bit stronger. It has a very seductive yet sophisticated scent and I absolutely adore it.

Entourage -

This is a show that I had wanted to start watching for years. A couple of weeks ago I finally gave it a go and I was hooked from episode one! Most my Autumn nights are spent binge watching this show and I am already on season 8. 

What are your Autumn favourites?

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  1. Hahaha, love that I got a mention. Thank you sweetie. You will love it!!!! I love baking in autumn, theres something so lovely about it. xxx