Christmas presents from my Childhood

With Christmas right around the corner I have been focusing a lot on Christmas gift guides and idea's when it comes to the blog but last night I had an idea. I am a sucker for nostalgia and I thought I would put together a post of all my favourite Christmas gifts that I received when I was a child. Some of which aren't around any more, some of them are and some are making a comeback and that's so exciting because it means I can buy them again for Noah and relive my childhood! 


Hands down my favourite gift, probably ever was my Furby. My Mum bought him for me one Christmas as I had been wanting one all year. I remember opening the present and seeing this white fluff ball with brown eyes staring right at me and it was the best! He was like my best pal and I would take him to the park with me, round to visit my Grandparents and I even took him into my SAT's with me and my teachers sat him on the window sill to bring me good luck! I know the original ones are long gone now but I love the fact that they are still going and I just have to buy Noah one someday!

Skate shoes
Moving onto possibly the coolest gift of them all, my Proline Skates - The Heely's! Who remembers those? I do and the skates on offer these days are ten times better than the ones I had when I was a kid. I remember zooming down the street in them as fast as I could possibly go and literally felt like the coolest kid in town!

Sylvanian Families
Another favourite of mine has got to be Sylvanian Families. I didn't have many as a child but the few families I had I absolutely adored. I still have one of the hedgehogs 25 years later and it makes me so happy that the brand is just as popular now than it was back when I was little. 

Now my list wouldn't complete without one of these, it's got to be the Tamagotchi. Another toy that is still going strong all these years later and rightly so, they are legendary! I remember they were stickily banned from school so when the bell rang my Mum would put mine in her bag and she would look after it all day for me while I was at school, haha!

What were your favourite gifts as a child?


  1. lol Tamagotchi was a toy for getting you told off - put that away - come and eat your dinner - go to sleep................ xx

  2. lol Tamagotchi was a toy for getting you told off - put that away - come and eat your dinner - go to sleep................ xx

  3. Great memories....I have actually got my girls a Tamagotchi each! I remember having mine when I was a teen...I left it with my mother and it

  4. I never made it to a Furby, but I did have 3 Shelbys that chatted to each other. They'd randomly start in the middle of the night and frighten the life out of me!